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X6 Variable Voltage E-Cig Starter Kit – Grunty and Rugged

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The X6 E-Cigarette Kit is a Grunty and Rugged Starter Kit

The X6 variable voltage electronic cigarette vaporizer kit is probably my personal favorite of all the products in this shop. The X6 system offers 5 times as many puffs as traditional e-cigarettes, maximizes the vapor and can provide a more realistic feel. What’s more, 3 different color LED lights show the changes in three levels of the amount of vapor. The levels represented by voltage vary from 3.6, 3.8, and 4.2V. (Simply push the button 5 times quickly to alter the voltage and change the light color, do it again to change it again and so on…)

Not only is this awesome battery variable voltage, it is also a whopping 1300mah, so it lasts twice as long.

The X6 is a strong and sturdy vaping machine with great battery power, and also very well constructed. It has a massive 3ml capacity glass tank to fill up with your favorite e-juice. Combined with the NZ adaptor wall plug and the USB charging cord the x6 e-cigarette starter kit is a top quality product.

What’s in the X6 Starter Kit?

  • 1 x X6 E-Cigarette Vaporizer
  • 1 x 1300mAH Variable Voltage Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging cord
  • 1 x NZ/AUS Adaptor/Charger Wall Plug
  • 1 x Sturdy Black Zipper Case
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

Color: Black.


X6 E-Cig Starter Kit: $45.00 Remember, you don’t need to be a member of paypal, just use the credit card option at checkout. If you have a coupon code, use it on the shopping cart page which you’ll see after clicking “add to cart”.

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  1. Hi what are the chances of getting a pink or purple one and how long would it take cheers

    • Hi Sonya, I am getting new stock soon and have ordered a variety of colors this time… I will let everybody know in the newsletter when they become available.

  2. Love the power, great hit but discreet it is not. As a professional who is often having to steel an opportunity for a vape i think i would have chosen a smaller model had i known the size of this one. However, it is a great performer.

    • Hi Shar, the evod MT3, X9 or the protank/vision1 are more discreet especially the protank/vision1 as that one is really sleek and small. But glad you like the performance of the x6, it is the 2nd best one I have for performance next to the Topbox of course which is even less discreet but easily the best in overall performance and durability.

  3. Hi there
    got couple of questions.
    a – where do you put e juice? from the bottom or top?
    b – do you suppose to put only tiny bit of e juice? I tried squeeze it in to only 1/3 of transparent container then it started to oozing it out from the bottom end.

    Ps thanks for super fast posting

    • Hi Jean,
      You fill the x6 e-cig from the top (end where you inhale). Unscrew the top bit from the glass chamber. Then squeeze e-juice into the side of the glass chamber (tank). Fill to about half way. Make sure not to get any juice down the middle air pipe. Then screw back to together and carefully screw the fully charged battery on.
      Hope that helps!

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