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Vaporizer NZ – Dry Herb Vaporizers for Cool Kiwis

Vaporizers are electronic devices similar to e-cigarettes that dry herbal matter can be packed into and vaped in the same way as a typical vapor cigarette. This vaporizer nz page lists high quality devices which economically and efficiently vaporize the contents within it.


Vaporizer NZ – The New Way to Consume Dry Herbs

Using a dry herb vaporizer is healthier and way more pleasurable than smoking. Once you try a vaporizer you will never look back. Our state of the art aromatherapy herbal vaporizers use less herb, are much healthier and you get better, stronger, and a cleaner effect. We are New Zealand’s top web-based vaporizer suppliers and these herbal ones are the new best thing for those inclined. We are committed to offering you only the very best of personal herbal vaporizers to choose from.

  • Your trusted personal dry herb vaporizer NZ suppliers online.
  • Open around the clock, as an online shop we never close so you can order at any time you like.
  • Free tracking anywhere in the country, and only $3 shipping nationwide.

All products on this site are R18.

Click on each vaporizer title to see more details for that particular product. (Click image to see larger version of image popup.) Scroll through the devices below, and pick one you like. Click “add to cart” to proceed with ordering.

Pax 2 Herbal Vaporizer Kit
The Pax 2 herbal vaporizer kit is a state of the art, high quality herbal vaporizer. Now in NZ the Pax 2 is at our online e-cig store. The Pax 2 vaporizer kit is for those who will not settle for anything but the best!
Available Qty: 8
Price: $124.95

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