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Vape Kits – E-Cigarette Starter Kits for New Zealander’s

Currently I stock several different NZ e-cigarette vape starter kits as listed below. Each of these vape kits include clearomizers or tanks which are the “fill your own” type of electronic cigarette vaporizers. All batteries are rechargeable of various sizes. Accessories vary according to the package ordered.

All prices are incredibly low and I boast the most competitive rates in the country! I also run super specials from time to time so make sure to visit the promotions page to see if any coupon codes are currently active.

International customers: Before ordering please see shipping requirements.

Click on the “title” of any of the vape kits below to see more details for that specific e-cigarette vape kit. Click the thumbnail to see image enlarged as a pop-up.


E-Cigarette Starter Vape Kits

NOTE, A paypal account is not needed, at the paypal window simply choose the credit card option. Most vaping kits are black or silver.

1 x G150 MOD1 x TFV8 Big Baby Tank (5mL)1 x Baby Q2 Core1 x Baby M2 Core1 x Replacement Glass Tube1 x USB Charge Cable1 x User ManualSpare Parts
Available Qty: 6
Price: $122.95
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1 x Stick V8 Battery - 3000mAh1 x TFV8 big baby tank - 5ml1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dualcore(preinstalled)1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dual core1 x USB cable1 x Manual Spare parts
Available Qty: 9
Price: $65.95
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Color Preference :
Vaporesso Revenger Kit
Vaporesso Revenger Kit
1 x Revenger Mod1 x NRG Tank1 x GT8 0.15Ω1 x GT4 0.15Ω1 x USB Charger Cable1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube1 x User Manual
Price: $109.00
Magic Stick Box Mod Starter Kit
Magic Stick box mod has a 2200mah battery built into design. It has a quality atomizer with large capacity tank and air intake control. Comes with spare coil, charging cord, instructions in well packaged box.
Available Qty: 9
Price: $59.95
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Kanger Dripbox Starter Kit
The Dripbox is a new high quality starter kit from Kangertech. This amazing e-cigarette box mod is made for SQUONKING. Simply squeeze to prime, instead of dripping. Comes with many extras including batteries and charger.
Available Qty: 7
Price: $99.99
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Joytech Ego AIO Starter Kit
The NEW AIO (All in one) e-cigarette device is an awesome performer e-cigarette that illuminates light that changes color - PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - 1500mah battery is part of the whole e-cigarette. Just add juice!
Available Qty: 8
Price: $43.95
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Kangertech Topbox Starter Kit
The Kangertech Topbox is a beautiful high quality starter kit. With super ohm variation, digital analog display, extra coils, and RBA section, this vaping machine is simply awesome! Comes batteries and charger.
Available Qty: 3
Price: $167.95
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Evod MT3 Single Blister Kit
One MT3 Atomizer and clearomizer, one 1100mah evod battery, and one usb cord. Perfect for beginners!
Available Qty: 21
Price: $29.95
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Ego CE5 Single Blister Kit
1 ego ce5 e-cigarette clearomizer, 1100mah rechargeable battery and a USB charger cord in blister packet. Ideal for newbies!
Available Qty: 13
Price: $28.95
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X6 E-Cig Starter Kit
1 x X6 E-Cigarette Vaporizer, 1 x 1300mah Variable Voltage Rechargeable Battery, 1 x USB Charging cord, 1 x NZ/AUS Adaptor/Charger Wall Plug, 1 x Sturdy Black Zipper Case, 1 x Instruction Booklet
Available Qty: 13
Price: $45.00
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Vision 1/Protank Mini E-Cig Starter Kit
1 x Protank Mini E-Cigarette Atomizer, 1 x 1100mah Vision 1 Adjustable Voltage Rechargeable Battery, 1 x USB plug cord, 1 x NZ Adaptor/Charger Wall Plug, 1 x Sturdy Black Zipper Case
Available Qty: 9
Price: $44.00
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Kamry X9 Mini E-Cigarette Starter Kit
1 x Kamry Mini X9 E-Cigarette Atomizer, 1 x 900mah Rechargeable Battery, 1 x USB plug cord, 1 x NZ and AUS Adaptor/Charger Wall Plug, 1 x Spare Coil Unit, in a box with instructions.
Available Qty: 16
Price: $46.00
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Ego K Series - Skull E-Cigarette Starter Kit
1 x skull atomizer and tank, 1 x k series 1100mah rechargeable battery, 1 x NZ adaptor wall plug, 1 x usb charging cord, 1 x black zipper case. Cool vape kit!
Available Qty: 19
Price: $43.00
Do you want FREE e-Juice? :
Evod MT3 Twin Starter Kit
Two MT3 e-cig atomizers (1.6ml tank), 2 EVOD 1100mah batteries, USB Charger, Wall Adapter, User Manual. Perfect for beginners and intermediates, or any vape level user actually. Reliable!
Price: $56.00
Ego CE5 Double Zipper Kit
2 ce5 ego e-cigarette clearomizers, 2 batteries, usb cord, adaptor plug, instructions and quality zipper case.
Available Qty: 2
Price: $53.00
Do you want FREE e-Juice? :
Ego CE4 Single Blister Kit
1 ego ce4 e-cigarette clearomizer, 1100mah battery and USB charging cord in blister kit packaging.
Available Qty: 100
Price: $16.95
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“Where did you get your e-cigarette Mr suit man?” said the scruffy guy with a scraggly beard. “Why I got it from Vapor Cigarettes NZ of course”, said the suit man.



  1. Hi,

    Do your CE4’s come full with e-liquid or do you need to purchase that as well? also if so what flavour is it and does it contain nicotine?



    • Hi Sam, yep all our starter kits give you the option to say yes to our complimentary gift of a free sample 10ml medium strength nicotine tobacco flavored bottle of e-liquid. However, this is just a one time gift and so when it runs out you will need to purchase from overseas. You can find links to affiliated sites in US where they will deliver it straight to your New Zealand address. See this page:

  2. Can you send an EGO ce5 DOUBLE ZIPPER KIT to Perth W A and what is cost please
    Thanks Ed

    • Hi Ed, I can but the problem is .. because it is a lithium battery they charge heaps. It will cost $45 shipping to Australia.. so probably not worth it. I am pretty much sticking to local NZ now.. but if you are okay with that ridiculously high shipping cost then i am happy to send it.

  3. Do u have any ego c4 in stock

    • You are able to see how many are left by looking at the “Available Qty”.

    • Hi Kate, You can see how much I have left by viewing the Quantity Available for each item in the starter kits page, or for batteries, coils etc see the accessories page and look for Qnty Available.

  4. Hi, I just received an email saying you have new stock but when I go to order you currently have no stock?

    • Please refresh the page and clear your cache…. you are seeing an older cached version of the page.

  5. Hi i just purchased a kanger topbox starter kit, am wondering if you can get me or point me in the right direction of a drip atomiser for it

    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Greg, the Kangerbox kit comes with a rebuildable coil. I think the term “dripping” means when you drip the e-liquid on to the cotton of the rebuildable coil (rather than squirting the juice into a tank).. which is a already drip atomizer, so with the kanger topbox, you can do both..

  6. Hi, do you have atomizers for the x9 please? Can’t see any here so I bought from another site but just wondering if you can get them please?

    • Sorry, I think they are sold out at the moment. I will be getting more very soon when I re-stock. Please check back soon.

  7. Hi. When will your twin pack kits be back in stock? Thanks

    • New stock has arrived and I will update everything tomorrow. And yes, chargers can be bought on the accessories page. Thanks.

  8. I am confiysed about the difference between a vapouriser and an ecigarette. Which is better?

    • Nothing, they are just different names for the same thing… however you get many different types of vaporizers, some are for dry herb and others for e-liquid.. so the correct terminology for an e-cigarette would be e-cigarette not vaporizer even though it is still a vaporizer… still confused?

  9. hello. would like to order but all your items r out of stocks

    • I try to never run out of stock but it there has been a splurge of orders recently and it caught me out. New stock is on its way. I will update soon, please check back in a few days.

  10. Hi can you tell me if you have the Kanga starter boxes in stock and then will that have everything included ?
    Thank you

    • hi Caroline,
      New stock is on its way, kanger topbox kits are coming, plz check back in a few days…

  11. Hi there
    Im going to purchase one of your starter kits but want to know how many mgs the free bottle contains for future buying reference

    • The free 10ml bottle e-juice complimentary to any starter kit is normally 20mg nic.

  12. Hi
    will you be getting any more x9 starter kits, as I have one and want 2 more the same.

    • Yes, More x9 kits will be available soon.

  13. Hi I am coming to NZ for a holiday .if I order could it be delivered to my hotel?

    • Sure, I don’t see why not… as long as you give us the correct address, it should deliver fine.

  14. Hi, can payment be made by a debit card, or does it have to be a credit card? And, how long will it take to get to Northland? Thanks.

    • Yes debit card works fine too. NZ Post to Northland should take a few days depending on what day you order. Friday Saturday and Sunday I usually wait till Monday morning to post.

  15. Hi, Is it legal to use e cigarettes in smoke free places, ie hotels etc.

    • Yes it is legal, but it is also up the rules set by the individual establishment. But in public places is legal. However, I advise to respect others and only vape in areas where you will not affect anybody else.

  16. Do you have a menthol flavoured e liquid

    • Hi Linda, No I don’t at this time. However I will in the future. Until then.. here’s a tip. Buy any water based flavoring essence such as peppermint or mint. You can usually find these essences at the supermarket or at a health food shop. Then simply add a drop or two into your tobacco flavored e-juice and hey presto, it becomes menthol. (or pretty similar). Try that, some of my customers are doing this and say it works really well.

  17. Hi There. I am looking to buy a charger only for a GS EGO II 2200mAh 2016. Do you have any in stock please?

    • Hi Claire, yes they use the same 501 thread as most e-cig batteries do. Check the accessories page, I think there is a couple of charging cords still available. If not I am getting more stock a couple weeks. Cheers.

  18. I have just been looking at your website and wonder why everything on it is sold out. Is that correct.

    • Vapor Cigarettes NZ is in the process of changing hands. Please hang in there, as all the products will be updated very soon. Thank you for your patience while the shop is being updated. Thank you.

  19. Hi, I would like to buy an evod mt3 twin starter kit. How long till you have more stock?

    • hi James
      Web site to be updated tuesday night

      Vapor cigarettes

    • Tuesday night web site stock will be updated

      vapor cigarettes

  20. Hay do you have any of the trustfire batterie chargers for charging the samsung 18650 batteries if so how much are they

    • Hi Blair $27 that includes p&p

  21. hi ,do you sell smok gx350 ?

    • No Sorry

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