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Thank you

Thank you for your purchase. As soon as we receive your payment details and address we will send you the goods.

  1. Hi there, just wondering how lone generally shipping will take? Do you supply a T&T?

    • Hi Rob, Yes I use NZ Post with standard tracking. It usually takes about 2 days but if local can be less or if other side of the country may take longer. NZ Post is quite inconsistent I have found lately and occasionally it has taken up to a week, but usually not that long.

  2. I found your website very informative and helpful which is why I made purchase with you & thanks for the info and link for purchasing nicotine eliquid. Now I hope I am all set up to become a e-cig puffer

  3. Third purchase from you site – Ecxellent service here and product. Many thanks

  4. Am becoming a regular buyer off your site. Has made us two non smokers! Great products thanks!

    • Awesome Lisa, I’m very happy you have managed to keep off the smokes by using our e-cigs. Aren’t they cool!

  5. Hello…Just ordered a Ego CE5 Double Zipper Kit (YES Please include E-juice) (1100mAh) . How do I get another 1100maH battery …I take it the pack comes with one battery onnly as the 650 maH is out of stock ?..regards..

    • Hi George, the double zipper kits come with 2 batteries both 1100mah.. you can buy extra batteries on the accessories page. All of the ego and evod batteries I offer on that page will work fine with your ce5 e-cigs. Cheers!

  6. Hi

    When will X6 coils be in stock?

    • Hi Rex, New stock has been ordered and I expect it later next week. X6 coils are part of it. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Sam. I like your ejuice and your quick turn around. Cheers.

    • Cheers Daniel, glad you like the e-juice. I try to make it as similar to real cigarettes as I can, but I find a tiny bit of sweetness helps, and that’s why I sometimes add a little honey flavor to the tobacco.

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