Wholesale Electronic Cigarette Specifications – Vapor Cigarettes NZ Ltd.

Attention Store Owners and Resellers!

Please note: We have had to increase our minimum order to 100 as it is uneconomical to be any less. Also, be aware that if you make a large order, we may have to get extra stock ourselves from our supplier which can take up to 3 weeks but usually only 1 to 2 weeks. If you see that our stock is under the amount you want, please contact me to discuss details. Even further discounts can be negotiated for particularly large orders into the several hundreds and more. All wholesale orders will have a private personal transaction page specially created.

All our e-cigarette products are available to purchase at wholesale prices. Buy our electronic cigarette products and easily resell for a healthy profit! There has never been a better time to sell e-cigarettes. The industry is just getting started here in NZ and is likely to explode in the near future.

Our wholesale pricing structure is extremely competitive at 33.33% discount on any order of 100 units or more.

Although our wholesale pricing is aimed at New Zealand retailers, anybody can purchase our products at wholesale prices provided that the minimum order of one hundred units or more (for any combination of our products)is reached.

Any order of 100 units or more of any combination of our products will automatically qualify for a 33.33% wholesale discount. To trigger this discount insert the coupon code “wholesale” into the shopping cart.

Any order within New Zealand has FREE TRACKING as well! And if you are in ChCh I will personally drop your order off to your premises.

So… if you’re interested. Contact me!

NOTE; All our other products not listed here can also be purchased wholesale.

Combinations that total 100 units or more will qualify for wholesale pricing. For example, 40 orders of blister pack and 60 orders of single zipper kit total 100 so that would qualify. Any combination of products totaling 100 or more will qualify.

If you are interested in our wholesale offer, please contact me (Craig Coughey) by email or telephone and I will create a special private order page just for you, or alternately you may order from the products listed below.

Remember, after you have added the items to your shopping cart make sure to insert your coupon code “wholesale” into the coupon code box, and then click update to activate your 33.33% wholesale discount. (note; you must have at least 100 items in your shopping cart or the discount will fail).


If you are serious about using me as your supplier, contact me first so we can discuss options, before you do anything.