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E-Cig Specials – Promotional Deals and Coupon Codes

Free-E-Juice 10ml (Scroll down to see coupons)

As i am just a small one man enterprise without a physical shop I can boast most competitive prices for electronic cigarette products anywhere in the country. Plus I offer a continual promotion of free tracking anywhere in New Zealand. And apart from my already lowered prices, I also offer extra promotions and coupon discounts from time to time.

This page will list the e-cig promotions and special deals I have to offer at the present time.


Current Promotions

At the moment I have a special promotional deal where customers have the option to get a free bottle of e-juice with any order of our starter kit deals. This is a 10ml bottle of regular tobacco flavored e-liquid using a 50/50 base mix of vg and pg. (with 20ml nicotine) Simply check the YES button for e-juice when making your starter kit order at the shopping cart.

Please note, as the laws are at this time, I am not allowed to sell nicotine products in NZ, so this is a one time only free gift for first time customers. I may stop this special at any time.

To obtain nicotine e-liquid in the future, please go to this page and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can buy it from over-seas. Currently you’re allowed to purchase up to 3 months supply (from over-seas) for personal use. See my links to buy e-juice over-seas here.

*I also have a special sale on right now for the new Elox Mod Starter Kit. If you are one of the first 20 people to purchase you can get it for$20 discount (25% off). Simply use the coupon code: FIRST20SALE

Current Coupon Codes

Enter the coupon codes into the allotted box in the shopping cart that will load after clicking the “add to cart” button.

  • Coupon code: atomize – Use this coupon to get 10% discount on all products. (for a limited time)
  • Coupon code: vaporize – Use this coupon to get 12% discount on any order of 2 or more of any product or combination of products.
  • Coupon code: clearomize – Use this coupon to get 13.5% discount on any order of 3 or more of any product or combination of products.
  • Coupon code: tankomize – Use this coupon to get 15% discount on any order of 4 or more of any product or combination of products.


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  1. how do I view prices and order?

    • Just view the product you are interested in and click the add to cart button in the form at the bottom of the page where the product is featured. Then click submit and follow them paypal instructions that pop up to fill in your name, address and credit card number. After you complete that i will receive a notification of what you ordered so I can process the order and send it out to you. It’s really easy, just be patient as the page loads while ordering. Cheers!

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