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Ego K Skull E-Cigarette Starter Kit – Vaporizer, Battery and Charging Gear

Ego K Skull E-cig Starter Kit

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The Ego k skull e-cigarette starter kit is another second generation electronic cigarette kit. This cool starter kit comes complete with a well crafted metal skull shaped atomizer on a standard ego ce5 tank. It comes with one of the Ego K series 650mah rechargeable batteries that also features a skull designed pattern. A USB charging cord and an NZ adaptor wall plug complete the kit.

This kit is perfect for the beginner vaper and would suit someone with a bit of rebellious fair wanting a simple clearomizer type electronic cigarette variety. The skull shaped atomizer definitely stands out in a crowd and will have all your friends asking you where you got it. Remember, it’s cool to vape, it’s stupid to smoke. So throw the cancer sticks away and pick up this awesome skull vaporizer today!

This kit come with the following:

  • 1 x skull atomizer and tank
  • 1 x k series 650mah rechargeable battery
  • 1 x NZ adaptor wall plug
  • 1 x usb charging cord
  • 1 x black zipper case


Ego K Skull E-Cigarette Starter Kit: $39.00 Remember, at the checkout page… if you’re not a member of paypal, use the credit card option instead. After you click “add to cart”, you will be able to enter your coupon code.

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  1. I am new to all this.

    And just trying to save money but buy one of these instead 5 packs of cigs every week

    • Saves money and health!

  2. How long does bottle of e juice last. How long coils last and anything else that need replacing.

    • A 10ml bottle should last between a week and two weeks if you’re a heavy or moderate user, even longer if you use it less. The e-juice I make tens to last longer than most other types for some reason, I think it is thicker than most so others tend to use more PG than VG but mine is always a 50/50 mix. Coils should last several months if you keep them clean, and keep the whole unit clean especially all of the contacts. However, sometimes coils burn out quicker, you can never know for sure with coils but they are very cheap to replace and I usually have plenty in stock. It’s always a good idea to have a few spare coils tucked away. You can also replace the whole atomizer instead of just the coil if you want, as sometimes the tread of the old atomizer can wear down (especially if you are tightening it to tight sometimes, or screwing it on not in alignment, or what is actually quite a common thing is when people screw them on with still a little bit of grit, that will likely damage the thread as well. That’s why cleanliness is so important. The other thing which needs replacing after a while is the battery. The battery will lose it’s charge earlier and earlier after time and eventually need replacing all together. Batteries can die earlier than they should from all sorts of reasons, like leaving in the sun too long, leaving in the cold too long, leaving on charge too long, charging with grit still in the contacts, dropping them, knocking them too hard etc… For all parts of the e-cigarette, great care will make it last much longer. Another thing to note, is that most atomizers and most batteries will fit together no matter what brand they are as most use the same thread, but coils have to be the exact match for the atomizer.

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