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Nicotine Free E-Juice for Sale

I offer various bottles of nicotine free e-juice. Check this page often to see any updates on what flavors and sizes of e-liquid we have available. Nicotine free e-juice is perfect for those trying to quit their addiction to nicotine. My tobacco flavored nicotine free e-liquids are so delicious you won’t even notice there is no nicotine in it. Try it!

Please note* If it says sold out, that just means I haven’t any left for extra sales here, but you will still get your complimentary 10ml bottle of e-juice with your starter kit order.

The current batch of e-juice I have is a GENERIC TOBACCO FLAVOR. (If  you want nicotine, you NEED to ASK FOR IT using the text box provided below… (otherwise it will be zero nicotine.)

My e-juice is available in the following quantities; 

10ml Bottles

  1. Tobacco flavored.

30ml Bottles

  1. Tobacco flavored.


This is nicotine free e-juice and is made up of 40% PG and 40% VG and 20% Flavoring. If you choose nicotine variety then it will be 30%PG, 30%VG, 20%Flavoring (which also has a PG/VG base), and 20% nicotine (which is actually a mixture of 100ml/mg nicotine per 1000ml/mg of PG,Vg base). So that would be what most sellers will say is 20mg or 20ml nicotine (or just high strength). So in reality, 20mg/ml nicotine is actually 2ml pure nicotine.

If my one flavor batch is not suffice for your highly developed tastes, you may like to peruse the vast choices available from overseas suppliers. I have already vetted some good suppliers who post it to us here in NZ. These online stores are not too expensive and have a great selection of flavors, nicotine strengths, and different sizes to choose from. Check them out at my nicotine e-juice page here; nicotine e-liquid. Have a read of an article I wrote about what’s in e-juice.

Use the text box below when ordering to leave me a note… (as explained above).

Nicotine Free E-juice 10ml
Nicotine Free E-juice 10ml
Nicotine free e-juice, comes in 10ml plastic bottle with nozzled tip for easy filling. Choose your flavor.
Available Qty: 10
Price: $10.00
Flavor :
Leave a note here...:

Nicotine Free E-juice 30ml
Nicotine Free E-juice 30ml
Nicotine free e-juice, comes in 30ml plastic bottle with needle tip for easy filling. Choose your flavor.
Price: $25.00

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  1. I’m trying to order starter kit and e-juice but its saying e-juice sold out when will you have more in or am I looking in the wrong place

    • Hi Vicky, when the e-juice above says sold out, that just means I have currently run out of e-juice for sale… I still have a separate 10ml bottle of e-juice already set aside to go as a complimentary gift with any starter kit order. If you want to buy extra e-juice, just wait till I have some more (and I will update this page), you will never have to wait too long… cheers!

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