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Nicotine E-Liquid NZ – Buy E Juice Online

Where Do I Purchase Nicotine E-Liquid in New Zealand?

To make your premium nicotine e-liquid NZ order, simply fill out the order form below. (scroll down) You have the choice to buy your nicotine based vape juice from me directly. (This is the easiest and quickest way, but you are limited to just one flavor and one nicotine strength).

Alternatively you can choose from the overseas vendors I have selected. I have personally ordered from these eliquid suppliers myself and I highly recommend them. They are reliable for shipping to New Zealand, and have a huge selection of flavours, sizes and nicotine strengths to choose from.

Nicotine E-Juice NZ – Order Directly from Me

First of all, this is premium high strength nicotine based e-juice and is made by me right here in NZ. It is based with equal portions of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). It also has 20% flavoring (tobacco with a hint of honey), and 20% high strength nicotine (20ml). If you choose to have no nicotine e-juice, it will consequently have larger portions of VG and PG. Yet it will still have the same flavorings. Also, e-juice ingredients are made from all natural and organic materials. You might like to learn more about e-juice ingredients here.

To order your high strength nicotine e-juice nz, make sure the nicotine option is selected to “YES” in the order form below. You may also leave me a note if you like. Simply type your message into the box below…

Nicotine Free E-juice 10ml
Nicotine Free E-juice 10ml
Nicotine free e-juice, comes in 10ml plastic bottle with needle tip for easy filling. Tobacco/honey flavor. Leave note if ordering both nicotine and non-nicotine bottles and would like extra empty bottle.
Available Qty: 29
Price: $7.95
Flavor :
Nicotine :
Leave a note here...:

Nicotine Free E-juice 30ml
Nicotine Free E-juice 30ml
Nicotine free e-juice, comes in 30ml plastic bottle with needle tip for easy filling. Tobacco/honey flavor. Leave note if ordering both nicotine and non-nicotine bottles and would like extra empty bottle.
Available Qty: 5
Price: $21.00
Flavor :
Nicotine :
Leave a note here...:

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Premium E Liquid NZ – Order from These Trusted Overseas E-Juice Vendors

Legality: As of 1st January, 2014 it is legal for private individuals to import nicotine e-liquid into New Zealand – up to 3 months supply – not defined.

I have found some overseas companies where you can legally purchase premium nicotine based e-liquid direct from their website shops. The vape juice will also be shipped directly to your door here in New Zealand. If you want to buy nicotine e-juice, this is the way to do it. These suppliers have amazing selections, and they’re also very reliable!

There are heaps of flavors and also different nicotine strengths to choose from. And furthermore, they are all compatible with the e-cigarette kits for sale here on this website. These companies are UK and US based and their products have been approved by their respective health authorities. Therefore you can be sure you are getting the best, safest, and most premium nicotine e-liquids.

Personally Selected E-Juice Suppliers – Reliable Shipping To NZ!

Simply scroll through the carousels below and choose the e-liquids you like the look of.

Shipping to NZ will normally take about a week and the cost will probably be around $15-00 to $25-00 anywhere in NZ.

TIP! Since you are legally allowed to buy 3 months supply of nicotine e-liquid, I suggest you do just that. That is the best way to make the most of the shipping costs. This is because ordering one 10ml bottle will incur nearly the same shipping cost as ordering ten 10ml bottles.

*If you were previously an average smoker then a 3 month supply of nicotine ejuice will probably be about 120ml worth. Therefore I recommend you get as close to that much e-liquid as you can. Hence, getting ultimate value! (it is probably best to start with the higher strength nicotine to mimic the nicotine intake you’re used to.)

Click on the links below to view and order the e-liquids they offer. Remember, these companies have already been vetted by me and consequently are all good to go for sending premium nicotine e-liquid direct to you here in NZ!

  1. hi when buying eliquids do u have to pay taxes at our end do you no?what is supplier u would most reccomend
    thanks anneke

    • Hi anneke, Tax is all inclusive and my first choice for buying e-liquid from overseas is The Halo Company. They have the highest quality, the cheapest prices and are the most reliable of them all.

  2. My wife bought an e-cigarette starter kit and some liquid from a local dairy to help her stop smoking regular cigarettes. As we understood it was not legal to sell nicotine-based liquid over the counter, we got a shock when we checked the bottle after a couple of weeks to find it contained: 2 tobacco absolute Virginia, 2 tobacco absolute burley, 2 oriental tobacco absolute. Just how much nicotine this adds up to we have no idea, she could be getting more nicotine than she was with regular cigarettes. She really needs to avoid that because of her health situation, ie at risk of a stroke within 5 years unless she stops. Is it possible to buy liquid with low/or no nicotine in NZ that can be used in her e-cigarette?

    • Hi Hube.. Yes you can certainly get e-juice with zero nicotine. Are you sure the e-liquid you bought contains nicotine? The tobacco you talk about could just be the flavor… anyway, I plan on selling nicotine free e-juice on this site soon. In the meantime you can get it from any of the suppliers listed on this page, simply select the option ZERO nicotine when making your selections at the order page.


    Here is my personal advice for ordering 3 months worth of e-juice. You can choose any of the above companies, but this guide is for The Halo Company. Follow these steps exactly as I have set out.

    1/ Go to The Halo Company.
    2/ Click on “View All E-Liquid
    3/ Click on a brand you like and select the 30ml bottle size and then select your desired nicotine strength.
    4/ Click the “Add to Cart” button and a pop up message will appear. On the pop-up click “continue shopping” and then click the back button in your browser to go back to the “view all liquids” page.
    5/ Choose another brand and do the same process. Do this 4 times until you have 4 different 30ml bottles of e-liquid in your shopping cart.
    6/ On your 4th bottle, instead of clicking the continue shopping button on the pop-up, click the “Go to Shopping Cart” button.
    7/ Now on your Shopping Cart page, you need to fill out your address in the “Estimate Shipping and Tax” box. Fill it out and click the “Get a Quote” button. The box will update and then show you 3 different shipping choices with prices. Select the first one (Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box) and click “Update Total”.
    8/ Now you should see on the right, the updated total of your orders being approx $79.96 for your products and $24.75 for your shipping and handling with a total of $104.71. Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
    9/ At the checkout page you need to log in or create an account. This is really quick and easy, just click the “create an account” button and a pop-up will appear. Simply fill in your name, email address and a password and click submit. The page will refresh and take you to Checkout Billing Information page.
    10/ On the Checkout Billing information page, fill out your address details where you want your package sent to and click “continue”.
    11/ The page will refresh and take you to the “Checkout Shipping Method” page where you are given the 3 choices you saw earlier for shipping costs. Select the first one (Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box) which is $24.75 and click “continue”.
    12/ The page will refresh and take you to “Checkout Payment information” page. Fill out your credit card details and click “continue”.
    13/ Confirmation page. Check everything is correct and then click “Confirm” and you have now successfully made an order and your 4 bottles of e-juice will be soon at your front door. (Usually takes 1-2 weeks sometimes just a few days.)

    This is a really good way to buy your e-juice as 4 bottles of 30ml e-liquid is about 3 months supply. This will cost you approx $105US which is about $145NZ. So that works out to be approx $12NZ per 10ml. That is cheap! You would be lucky to ever find any nicotine e-liquid in New Zealand for that cheap. In fact you would be lucky to find nicotine e-liquid in NZ at all. (of course you can always get a 10ml bottle for free if you buy a e-cig starter kit) from us.

    So.. Hope this guide helps you. And Halo has very high quality e-liquids with excellent choice of flavors and good high strength nicotine levels as well as lower or even zero nicotine if you want that.

    • My local tobacconist sells nicotine based e liquids for $12/ 10ml so the price is comparative to buying overseas. Also the likes of Cosmic Corner are much the same price without having to wait for a parcel from overseas. Just thought I would let u know..

      • Yes, I know. Thank you. I am waiting for NZ law to include nicotine e-liquid in with other NDS methods ie; nicotine patches, nicotine gum, lozenges etc… and then I will sell it with different flavors, sizes nicotine strengths etc to choose from. I believe this will happen soon enough, as after all NZ wants to stamp out smoking right? Legalizing e-cigarettes with nicotine is going to help big time in that objective. BIG TIME! Why smoke when you can vape?

  4. Hi do u ship to singapore

    • Hi there.. Sorry I only supply the vaping folk in New Zealand. See the links to the e-juice sites on this page as they ship world-wide. I recommend Central Vapors, Thanks.

  5. Found what I need thanks. Excellent!!!

    • Awesome!

  6. I am not sure what to order. All l want is a product that gives me my nicotine fix. Not fruit tasting if you know what l mean. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Trevor, All our products use fill your own e-juice. It is the e-juice which gives you the flavor and the nicotine strength. Any starter kit order you buy will also come with a free 10ml bottle of tobacco flavored and with high strength nicotine to get you started. That should last you a couple of weeks. Send me an email to discuss your options after that.

  7. Hi am wanting to purchase a starter pack with high nicotine and tobacco flavour. Which one do you suggest for a female

    • All starter kits come with a free bottle of high strength nic tobacco flavored e-juice. The most feminine ones I have (sleekest) are the x9 kit, the vision1/protank kit, and the evod mt3 kit. Thx.

  8. Can you bring eliquid through customs and if so does it count towards you 50?

    • Yes, you are allowed up to 3months worth for personal use. Cheers!

  9. Can you make a weaker nicotine oil just brought o e of you stated packs and find the oil a bit strong

    • Hi James, Some of my customers purchase 1 bottle of high strength and 1 bottle of zero nicotine and then mix together to create their desired strength. As the nicotine version one is 20ml nicotine, if you split it half and half with the zero it would end up being 10ml nicotine. When ordering leave me a note in the box provided and let me know that you are doing it this way and I will give you an extra empty bottle to put your mix into.

  10. I would like to purchase a nicitine based liquid

    • Sorry, but the site is undergoing a change of ownership. Please wait while we are tansferring the store to its new owner.E-juice will be back soon. Thanks.