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Vapor Cigarettes NZ Limited. FAQ

Our Objectives

Provide the consumer with a cost-friendly and healthier alternative to smoking.

Safety: All our products that you see on the website have been through rigorous testing to ensure that you only receive the highest-quality products. We will never sell nor promote any item that doesn’t meet our high quality standards.

Financial: Have you ever calculated just how much you spend on cigarettes every month, or every year? If you haven’t then you should! You’ll realise just how expensive they really are. One of the main reasons people switch over to e-cigs is because they are much cheaper.


Are There Any Health Risks to E-Cigarettes?

It’s hard to say if anything is ever 100% safe – however, what you can be sure of is that e-cigarettes are much safer for you compared to traditional cigarettes. The ingredients that are used in e-cigs have been tested for more than 60 years and the research studies have all been promising. An estimated 2 million plus people now use e-cigs and this number is rising all the time. See our page on e-cigarette safety.


What about Cancer?

Firstly, compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs don’t have anywhere near the same amount of cancer-causing chemicals or compounds present. Nitrosamines can be found in traditional cigarettes and these are well-known to cause cancer. Even though trace amounts of nitrosamines have been found in e-cigarettes, the amount found was nearly the same amount one would find in nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.

To put this into perspective, the amount of nitrosamines found in a Malboro cigarette is approximately 1,300 times greater than what is found in an e-cig.


How Can I “Smoke” an E-Cig?

A person who is “smoking” an e-cig, is generally referred to as “vaping”. You are not smoking because essentially there is no physical smoke. Vaping using an e-cigarette is pretty much the same as smoking a traditional cigarette, however, there are a few things that could make your vaping experience slightly more pleasant.

Ensure that you take slow, steady, and controlled hits for a smoother vape experience. Try not to draw on the e-cig too hard as this will result in a much harsher hit.
Holding cigarette smoke in your lungs when smoking a traditional cigarette can increase the health risks. However, with an e-cig it might be more beneficial. Many people have reported a better taste and greater sensation when holding the e-cig vapour in their lungs for slightly longer.
After inhaling, try to hold the vapour down in your lungs for around 2-3 seconds minimum as this will allow you to truly experience the flavours.


Can an E-Cigarette Be Used Indoors, in a Public Place?

At the time of writing, there are currently no official laws in New Zealand that would prevent you from using e-cigarettes indoors in a public place. Although, you might find that certain companies or establishments will prohibit the use of e-cigarettes for various reasons.


Are There Different Types of E-Cigarettes?

To put it quite simply, there are two different types of e-cigarettes: there are disposable e-cigarettes and those that are refillable. The best one for you will depend on many factors relating to how you smoke. If you are considered to be a heavy smoker then the best choice for you will definitely be a refillable e-cig. If you are only a light smoker, a disposable e-cig might be more suited towards you. See our page on what are e-cigarettes?


Do E-Cigs Last for a Long Time?

The e-cigarette unit has a whole will have a general life span of around 6 months to one year. One of the best things about using an e-cigarette is that you can easily replace the numerous parts of the product – meaning that you can get a longer life expectancy. However, our products are made so that you don’t need to replace any part other than the e-liquid.

In short, you can expect your e-cig unit to last anywhere from 6 months to one year – this will depend heavily on how much you use it.


Using the E-Cig

Upon receiving your e-cigarette, all you need to do is screw the atomizer on to the battery part of the unit. When using your e-cig, make sure to press the button which will heat up the e-liquid and allow you to vape.

To turn your e-cig on, press the button five times in quick succession. To turn the unit off, press the button again five times in quick succession.

See our instructions page for filling, cleaning and charging.


How Often Will I Need to Change the Battery?

This will depend heavily on how much you use your e-cig. In general, a 650mAh battery that is fully charged will last almost 6 hours – remember that you won’t be using your e-cig constantly, so it could last you for a few days before you need to charge it! The batteries can be fully charged in around 2-3 hours. (Note, when you first purchase your ecig you should charge the battery for 5 hours, that only needs to be done once, after that it’s just 2-3 hrs as usual.)


How Much Could I Save?

As you might imagine, the amount that you could earn from switching over to an e-cigarette will depend heavily on how much smoke. And with the cost of cigarettes always rising, this gives you even more of a reason to start using an e-cig. Please take a look at the guide below to find out how much you could save:

*Amount of cigarettes smoked per day – *money saved per year by switching to e-cigs.

10 – $2,000
20 – $4,300
30 – $6,700
40 – $9,100


Can E-Cigs Be Used to Help a Smoker Quit?

Even though they aren’t actually created for this purpose, there is sufficient evidence out there to assume that a smoker could use an e-cigarette to help them quit their smoking habit. Research conducted in the US and New Zealand shows that the highest number of quitters are those who use/used an e-cig.


Is the E-Liquid Safe? What’s It Made Of?

The e-liquid used with e-cigarettes has many different names; some people may refer to it as e-liquid, e-juice, or simply juice or liquid. The e-liquid will either have two or three ingredients, in addition to nicotine which is of course optional (many people don’t include nicotine though). The e-liquid blend will include propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin.

Flavouring is also usually added to the liquid mixture. You’ll be able to find various flavours ranging from the standard tobacco taste all the way to more exotic flavours such as pineapple. See our page on purchasing e-liquids.


Is It Legal to Sell/Purchase E-Cigs in New Zealand?

At the time of writing, the sale and possession of e-cigarettes and e-liquid is completely legal. However, the sale of e-liquid containing nicotine is illegal. This e-liquid containing nicotine can only be sold by registered pharmacies or can be imported for personal use.

Under current New Zealand legislation we are unable to sell our customers nicotine or any nicotine based products.


Are Your Products Compatible for other Countries?

Our zipper kits come with an adapter plug for  a wall power supply. They are only compatible for use in New Zealand and Australia, all other countries will need to use their own wall plug fittings. However the USB cord which comes with all our products is universal and will fit into any USB hub such as a computer and therefore can be used to recharge your batteries anywhere in the world.

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