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Evod MT3 Variable Voltage Twin E-Cig Starter Kit – All You Need

The Evod MT3 Twin Vape Kit now comes with larger 1100mah batteries instead of the smaller 650mah ones. These will last you all day as opposed to having to recharge every few hours.

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The Evod MT3 twin e-cigarette starter kit is our second best deal next to the Ego ce5 double zipper kit. Similar to the Ego vaporizer, the Evod is ideal for those just starting their vaping transition. Although perfect for beginners, the evod mt3 e-cig is a model many tend to stick with.

The MT3 tank takes up to 1.6 mls of any e-juice and has a vertically shaped window to see how much liquid is in it.  It has a versatile design making it compatible with the ego and 510 batteries as well as the evod 1100mah batteries this kit comes with. The batteries are also variable voltage which is a cool feature. Some people also purchase an extra evod 1300mah battery which also goes really well with the mt3 atomizer.

The Evod MT3 twin e-cig starter kit is indeed a very smart kit, well made, stylish and reliable. Get your kit today, while its on special.

Evod MT3 E-cig Starter Kit consists of the following:

  • 2 MT3 e-cig clearomizers – 1.6ml
  • 2 EVOD 1100mah variable voltage batteries
  • USB Charger
  • NZ Wall Adapter
  • Zipper Case
  • User Manual

Color: Most of this models stock is black or silver. (there are a few other colors but you are most likely to be getting black or silver.)

(THIS KIT QUALIFIES FOR A FREE 10ml BOTTLE OF tobacco flavored high strength nicotine E-JUICE)

EVOD MT3 E-cig Starter Kit: $56.00 Remember, if you are not a paypal member, simply use the credit card option at the paypal checkout page. You can enter your coupon code if you have one, in the cart box that refreshes after clicking “add to cart”.

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  1. I already have the ego ce4 e-cigarette but wanted to try the evod as well so I bought this dual kit here. Just want to say thanks, I like these even better than the ego ones. They vape so smoothly, and I really like the variable voltage too.
    Lance, Gisborne

  2. Thank you so much for your support Sam. I appreciate your concern and how you went to a lot of trouble to help with my issue. The Evod kit is awesome and I really love it! Thanks again.

  3. In your opinion, which do you think is better? the MT3 or the CE5? Im 3 months smoke free but missing the hand to mouth and inhaling smoke haha
    Never vaped before

    • Well, that is a hard question because they are both just as good as each other. It basically comes down to which one you think looks best because they both work pretty much the same. The evod one has a variable voltage battery and you fill up the tank from the other end, so the ego one is probably easier to fill. They are about the only differences. I am using an evod mt3 atomizer with an evod 1300mah battery at the moment and it is working excellently, however, I have used the ce5 before as well, and that worked bloody good too.

  4. Hi there, can I get these in different colours than black?

    • I only have silver or black as 90% of my customers always choose silver or black…. so I did away with the other colors for now, hope silver is cool for you.

  5. Can I have one in silver and one in black so they don’t get mixed up for me and my husband?

    • Hi Brenda, okay I will make a kit specially with a black and a silver for you 🙂

  6. Hi there, when I go to purchase the price changes from the advertised $49 to $56. Also I thought shipping was free if in NZ (it says something about NZ free if over $15) – not sure what that means. But that comes up as $3. Please clarify price for me. And can I get 1 in silver and 1 in black so they don’t get mixed up. Thanks

    • I changed the batteries from 650mah to 1100mah so that’s why it costs a bit more. Sorry, it is tracking which is free. I charge only $3 for shipping to cover the NZ Post $3 prepaid red plastic bags, I use to send you a kit.

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