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Elox Mod Starter Kit – The Big Box Mod With Small Price Tag

The new third generation Elox Mod is for those who like good throat hits and big vapes!

Elox Mod E-Cig Unit Gold and Silver

The brand new Elox Mod Starter Kit is the latest e-cigarette product to our inventory. Even though the Elox is a 3rd generation electronic cigarette it is suitable for casual vaporers as well as the more advanced.

With this baby you will get real good hits. So if you like strong throat hits, and big vapes then this is for you.

This kit is for those wanting quality and power but without the high price tag. (If you are a complete beginner, I recommend you go with one of my 2nd generation e-cigarette kits like the evod MT3, or Ego CE5.) In saying that however, some beginners like the bigger vapes right from the get go. And if you a real pro then I recommend the Kangertech models, the Dripbox or the Topbox. This Elox model is for those wanting to move on from the 2nd generation e-cigarettes into the 3rd generation experience. It is the perfect model for those who want to experience a third generation e-cigarette without breaking the bank..

New Elox Mod

The Elox mod battery has three settings 15w, 30w, and 45w. It is nice sized fits very comfortably in the hand. It comes with a good long USB cord and a NZ wall plug for easy charging. Just plug the usb into the computer or use the wall plug and wait till the light turns green (usually a couple of hours and you’re ready to go.) It should easily last all day (especially if you use it on the lower setting, which is plenty- you can always vamp it up to 45 for a big hit every now and then.) Don’t forget to turn it on press the button 5 times consecutively quickly and the same to turn it off. When it is on, you can alter the wattage by clicking the button 3 times consecutively. The light will change color with each of the three settings.

The Elox atomizer is a stylish steel clearomizer with a large glass tank so you can vape all day without needing to refill. It fits beautifully on to the mod battery and comes in a stylish gold, silver, and black matching the mod.

Elox Mod Full E-Cig Starter Kit

Elox Mod Starter Kit – What’s in The Kit

  • Elox Mod Variable Voltage/Watt Battery 15w, 30w, 45w
  • Elox Atomizer Clearomizer
  • Two Extra Coil Heads
  • USB Charging Cord
  • NZ Wall Adaptor Plug
  • Zipper Case
  • Mod Instructions

Elox Mod SilverElox Mod Gold

The kit comes in gold, silver, and black.

This kit really is the new best thing for those ready to try a 3rd generation e-cigarette experience, and I expect it to become a very popular kit. And to save you worrying about replacing coils, the kit comes with a coil already set in the atomizer plus two extra coil heads (for spares), so you won’t need to worry about that for a very good while.

And of course, just like all of my kits, this one also qualifies for the free bottle of high strength nicotine e-juice as well.

So all up, the new Elox Mod Starter Kit is a great kit, and is the one for all those wanting something a bit better than the standard without spending too much.

The Elox Mod Starter Kit is going to retail for $79.95 which, for what this kit is and contains, is seriously very cheap.

Because this SALE went so well, I’ve decided to add another 10 kits! The first 10 people to purchase can get this great starter kit for $20 OFF! Simply use the following coupon code: FIRST20SALE (Note: this coupon code only works on this product, and only for the first 10 people to purchase.)

Color: The Mod comes in either Gold, Silver or Black. Please choose when ordering which mod color you prefer, and I’ll do my best to make sure you get it with a matching atomizer. Keep in mind I only have a certain number of each color and when they run out there might only be one color left.

(THIS KIT QUALIFIES FOR A FREE 10ml BOTTLE OF Tobacco flavored, high strength nicotine E-JUICE)

ELOX MOD E-cig Starter Kit: $79.95  NOTE, you don’t have to be a paypal member, just choose the credit card option when you get to the paypal checkout page. Enter your coupon code in the cart box if you have got one, which will refresh after clicking “add to cart”.

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