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Best E-Cig Reviews and Customer Feedback

Here are some reviews I have received from happy customers. If you would like to leave a review please do so in the comments of any page or post on this site (or send me an email) and I will add it to be featured on this page. Thanks a lot.

Will Definitely Recommend You to My Friends!

Hi Sam, Just wanted to say thank you for the great packaging and quick delivery, the x6 is exactly how you described it in your web site. I’ve got a light blue colour, which by coincidence is my favourite colour. Excellent e-cig, will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Maxim Mertsalov – Christchurch – 25/5/2016

Thanks Sam, You Saved my Life (literally!)

The e-cigarettes I bought from you were truly the best thing I could have ever done. After trying and failing several times to quit smoking using gum, patches and other methods, I was finally able to kick the habit with the e-cigs. I found it surprisingly easy. I did exactly what Sam suggested and started with a simple Ego CE5 kit using full strength nicotine and slowly tapered the strength down. After a few months, I bought a new upgraded Kangertech Topbox kit from Sam which I have to say was absolutely awesome. I used this for a few more months continuing to wean myself off the nicotine. I eventually got down to zero nicotine and was using the e-cig with purely zero nicotine e-juice. From there I gradually used it less and less till fast forward to today and I don’t even use it anymore at all.

At the time of quitting the smokes, I started saving all the money I would have normally spent on normal cigarettes (less the expenses for the e-cigs and juice which is nothing comparatively). As of today, I have over $10,000 in that special savings account. I owe it all to Sam and his amazing help along the way. (but I think I’ll keep it growing for my retirement!)

Sam went out of the way on several occasions to make sure I was looked after (it’s hard to find that kind of service nowadays). During my journey, I bought spare coils, new batteries, and of course e-juice from Sam and he was always a pleasure to deal with. He really understands the whole deal when it comes to giving up smoking and e-cigs in general.

If you want to give up the smokes, e-cigs are definitely the way to go, and because he is just a small cottage business with lower overheads the prices are lower than the rest and he has more time to give you attentive service. I highly recommend to go with Sam and Vapor Cigarettes NZ without reservation!!!

Jeff Becker – Little River – 9/5/2016

The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Honestly Sam the vap I brought from you is the best thing I every did… After many failed attempts at trying to stop smoking for 10 years the vap has actually worked! in the 2 months I’v had it I have probably only had about 20 ciggys so I am now smoking in 2 months what I used to in 2 days!

Matthew Turnbull – April 8, 2016

Very Happy With My Purchase!

Hi, Thanks for the help… I really appreciate all the great service you went above and beyond and I am very happy with my purchase. The vapor cigarette works great!

Anne McMillan – May 11, 2015

Working Great!

Thanks, for the prompt delivery. New kit is working great.

Peter – May 15, 2015

I Love It!

I bought this kit a few days ago and it I just want to say I love it. The e-cig is awesome, this is so much better than smoking. I am completely amazed. Thank you so much!

Georgina Simmons – April 28, 2015

Great Service

Thank you so much for the really quick delivery and swift rectifying of the small issue I had. Really appreciate the great service and will be recommending you.

Many thanks Hayley – 5/3/15

The Best E Cigarette Around – The Double Zipper Kit Review

In my search for the best electronic cigarette that’s readily available in New Zealand as a first e-cig, I came across the Double Zipper Kit. What was attractive about the kit was that it had two CE4 clearomizers by Ego, which I’d heard was one of the best e cig clearomizers around for beginners and those wanting to switch to vaping from smoking. The kit comes with two Ego CE4 e-cig atomizers, two rechargeable 650mAh batteries, a charger and adapter for (NZ/AUS wall sockets) along with an instruction booklet and a zipper case to carry everything in.

In terms of the vaping experience, I was very impressed. The atomizers are very easy to use and put out some great vapour. The battery life is not the best, but I easily get around six hours with one charge. With two batteries, that’s a nice twelve hours. I’m a moderate user, so just charging each once a day is enough to last me two to three days. Another great thing about the starter kit is that it is very cost-effective at around $45, and I got a free e-juice to boot since I was a first time buyer. One problem with the Ego CE4 is that you can’t replace the head on the atomizer, as you should do every couple of weeks to keep the performance and taste consistent. But i still believe the CE4 one of the top ecigs for first-time vapers, but because of the affordable price, it could also be an alternative to disposables.

If you’re wondering what the best e cigarette is for beginners, then I’d highly recommend the Double Zipper Kit. However, I think even those who have been vaping for some time and want a premium ecig that is easy to find and offer hours of vaping (since you have a second clearomizer when the first runs out of battery juice), will enjoy their experience with this one. It’s very simple to use, no pulling, poking or fooling around with anything before you can vape. Just add some of your favourite e-juice and you should be good to go in seconds!

Dominique Rodriguez Palmerston North, NZ – 12/1/2015

 Why I Will Choose Double Zipper Kit Every Time

What is the best e cigarette? This is a question that I have been trying to get an answer to since I learnt about electronic cigarettes. When I decided to stop using the conventional cigarettes, I was very excited about the electronic cigarettes. I believed they were the solution to my craving for nicotine. I was right! The e cigarettes have really helped me satisfy my cravings for the conventional cigarettes. However, since I started using the electronic cigarettes, I have always been searching for the best e cig. I discovered the best e cigarette when I found Double Zipper Kit. There are so many reasons why I fell in love with Double Zipper Kit. The main reasons why I love it include;

  1. There are many e-juice flavors available. All e juice flavors are of very high quality. Since I started using this premium electronic cigarette, I have always found a great flavor to switch to when I feel that I need a change. at the websites they recommend, there are over 50 e liquid flavors to choose from. These include fruit flavors, tobacco flavors and many others. So with this type of ecigarette you get to choose whatever e-juice you want and you can change as often as you like. That’s one of the main reasons I like e-cigs in genera..
  2. Long lasting battery. There’s nothing that has disappointed me more than e cigarettes with batteries with a very short life span. The Double Zipper Kit come with powerful batteries that allow me to enjoy my vaping sessions without worrying that my battery will run out of charge before I am satisfied. And when it does run out I have the other one already charged and ready to go!
  3. Great packaging and presentation. I was impressed with the way the kit was packaged and presented when I bought it. The packaging was really neat and presentable. In addition, the Double Zipper Kit was shipped to me very fast. The shipping was done for free. After paying for the kit, I was not asked to spend a cent more to have the e cig delivered to me. Really great service!
  4. Cheap! Of all the e-cig stores online in NZ, Vapor Cigarettes NZ have the best prices!

Nicole Miller – Nth Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand – 2/2/2015

The Blister Pack—CE4 E Cigarette Vaporizer Review

The blister pack is the simplest way to get started with e-cigarettes. My blister pack came in the mail very quickly from when I ordered it. It comes with one refillable atomizer e-cigarette and a USB battery charging cable. The USB charger can be used on your laptop, plugged into your wall with an adaptor, or even into some TVs. When your nicotine cartridge runs out you can simply buy whatever flavor you like and refill the atomizer.

The blister pack is a great way to start vaping like a pro. If you are new to vaping or if you just want the basic kit to enjoy your smoke free nicotine, this blister pack is what you need.

On you can find this blister pack at the unbeatable price of $27. And you get free shipping and quick delivery.

Michael Robertson – Takamatua, Auckland, NZ – 23/12/2014

Double Zipper Kit—My E-Cigarette Review

I bought the double zipper starter kit some tome back, and I have to tell you it has cut my smoking down by over half. The more I vape the less I smoke and that’s got to be good thing, right? This is a great pack for you to keep in your car or in your purse so wherever you go you have a compact, discreet pouch filled with your e-cigs! I travel with my zipper pack and it is very easy and convenient. I always have a full ecigarette and I have one to share with my friends if I want to.

Grace MacFarland – Dunedin, Otago, NZ – 18/12/2014


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