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E-Cig Terminology and Vape Jargon – Glossary of Vaping Terms

Can you define vape, or know what the vape meaning or definition is? The e-cigarette and vaping community has a language of its own. Well, here on this e-cig terminology page you can find out. If you are relatively new to vaping and find some of the vape terms a little baffling, here is a guide to set you straight. Most e-cigarette websites and vaping forums will use this e-cig terminology, so this glossary of vape jargon should come in handy.

E-Cig Terminology Glossary

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26650 – These batteries are well known to produce wicked sub-ohming.

306 (also known as LR306) – The 306 is low resistance atomizer with a 510 thread. These atomizers produce a good throat hit and can produce huge vapor.

m401, m402 and m403 – Also called 401, 402, and 403, these numbers simply refer to the differing sizes of this kind of vapor cigarette.

510 – This is a type of e-cigarette threading, established by the firm JoyE. Commonly with male threading the 510 swiftly came to be the norm within the market.

KR808 or 808 – This simply refers to a type of e-cigarette that many users know of.

DSE901 or 901 – Quite similar to the 808 model. The air-flow holes are different.

901 – Unsuitable with 510 threading, this is an atomizer that has female threading.

18350 – A reduced amp battery which is often made use of in much smaller mods.

18650 – This simply refers to a particular size of the Li-Ion electric battery. It is often used with all kinds of mechanical mod types.

2-piece – This is a type of e-cigarette that makes use of a cartomizer and a battery.

3-piece – This type of e-cigarette includes an atomizer, cartridge or tank and a battery.

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Acrolein – This is a chemical found in analog cigarette usage and also produced with e-cigarettes when the e-juice reaches very high temperatures. It is an irritant to the skin and eyes and also the breathing passages and is also linked to lung cancer.

Adapter – This refers to a double headed connector which has two different types of threading. This allows users to attach different makes and models of atomizers with different types of batteries.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) – Also known as a modified vaporizer (MOD), the APV typically contains a large battery, and changeable wattage or voltage.

AEMSA – Committed to regulating safe standards of e-liquid manufacturing, the AEMSA stands for The Association of American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards. The company is entirely run by volunteers.

Aerosol – An aerosol is a colloid of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in air or another gas. Vapor from e-cigarettes is an aerosol.

AFC – This stands for Air flow control found in every e-cigarette.

Air flow (modifiable air movement) – This is a modification of certain atomizers and vaporizers that allows extra to come in, permitting a greater vape.

All Day Vape – This simply refers to ones favorite e-juice and implies it is so good, one can vape all day using it.

Allen key/wrench – A tool utilized to tighten up screws in atomizers and open up mods etc.

Alternative Cigarettes – One more name used to describe vapor cigarettes.

American Wire Guage (AWG) – Used for making atomizer coils, the AWG refers to the size and resistance of the American standard.

Amperage (amps) – Amperage refers to the energy which flows along a circuit. In APV’s using low resistance atomizers with high voltages will cause burnouts.

Analog – This simply refers to “conventional” cigarettes.

Anodizing – This term is used to describe an aluminum finished look or seal.

ANTZ – Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots. Refers to people and groups of people who focus on getting rid of tobacco product alternatives such as vapor cigarettes.  The term prohibitionist has also been used for these types.

Aqueous Glycerine (AG) – AG is VG liquid which is less viscous because it has been thinned with deionized water.

ASH – This stands for “Action on Smoking and Health”. Even though ASH is probably the world’s foremost anti-smoking organizations, they actually try to support vapor cigarettes.

Atomizer (also known as Atty) – The atomizer is a steel unit that houses the coil, mesh gauge and wick. This is the part of a vapor cigarette that heats up the e-liquid to turn it into vapor.

Atomizer Tank: An atomizer tank is the standard style tank with a dual-coil pre-dotted/slotted atomizer. Other more expensive and advanced atomizer tanks are those that are rebuildable or serve more than just one purpose.

Authentic – A genuine product made by the authentic original manufacturer. Normally will be more expensive than the Clones.

Automatic – This type of vapor cigarette uses air pressure to automatically engage the vapor creation when inhaling with it. This is the alternative to the more common type that uses a switch or button to control the vapor intake.

Automatic Shutoff – This is a mechanism in vapor cigarettes that automatically turns the device off after a certain amount of time. Normally around ten seconds, this is to stop the burn out of the coil and to save the battery.

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Base Mix – Base mix is the substance which combines nicotine and a base liquid. Using a base mix a vaper can apply their favorite flavors and then dilute as required.

Battery (batt) – The batteries used in1st and 2nd generation vapor cigarettes that have a button attached to turn it on and off. They also normally have a light with activates when the button is pressed.

Bauway – This is an atomizer brand known for its’ low priced devices and although a reduced taste is realized they have a vast selection to choose from.

BCC – This is referred to as bottom coil clearomizer.

BDC – This is referred to as bottom double coil clearomizer and has two coils at the bottom of the tank.

Beauty Ring – Also called a Thread Cover, it’s a little metal circular piece used to bridge the space in between the clearomizer and the battery.

Blanks – This is dry material in a cartomizer that is filled with e-juice.

Blister Kit/Pack – This is a e-cigarette product that comes in a plastic wrapping packaging so you can see the e-cig product through the clear plastic.

Boge – The Boge brand is known for its cheap but good quality cartomizers.

Boost – A modification in a mechmod that allows an extra boost in voltage so as to get an increased vape.

Bottom Feeder – A certain kind of APV that holds e-juice in a bottle that fits at the bottom of the device.  The juice is pumped up into the cartomizer or atomizer.

Box Mod – These are box shaped APV’s and PV’s. They usually have increased wattages. Some are regulated and some are unregulated.

BP – This refers to the big pharmaceutical business.

Breathing – This refers to leaving e-juice to rest so that the air can get to it giving it a chance to mature and evaporate any alcohol in it.

Brick and Mortar (B&M) – This simply refers to a vape shop which has a physical address.

Bridge – This is a steel mesh covering in an atomizer which is used as a wick for the e-juice in the cartomizer.

BT – This simply refers to the business of big tobacco.

Buck – This is a modification that allows a mod to fire up even before it reaches the normally required voltage.

Building – This refers to the putting together of one’s own atomizer coil utilizing an RBA or RDA.

Burnt Taste – A distinct taste created from having a puff on an empty tank or cartridge.

Butt Juice or Ass Juice – This simply refers to e-juice which tastes disgusting. Because combinations are always being experimented with, ass juice happens more often than desired. (well I guess it’s never actually desired, is it?)

BVC – This refers to the very popular design of bottom vertical coils.

Burner – This is more jargon used by vapers to describe a a conventional cigarette or a cigar.

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Car Adapter – This device attaches a USB cord to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle so you can charge up your e-cig battery in the car.

Carcinogen – Any kind of substance, chemical, or compound believed to trigger cancer. When heated up to very high temperatures, carcinogens can be produced from some e-juices.

Cartridge (Cart) – This is the part of a certain type of vapor cigarette which holds e-juice by way of an absorbent material also attached to the mouth-piece. Some are disposable while some are re-fillable.

Cartomizer (Carto) – The carto or cartomizer is both a disposable cartridge that holds the e-juice and an atomizer combined. This one piece unit is then connected to a battery.

Cartomizer strike (Carto Punch) – To punch an openings in a cartomizer you would use a carto punch.

Cartomizer-Solitary Coil – A standard cartomizer will use just 1 coil and is called a solitary coil cartomizer.

Cartomizer-Dual Coil – A double coil cartomizer can produce 2 times as much vapor as a solitary coil because it has 2 coils.

Cartomizer tank – A tank which features holes in the bottom and top to hold a cartomizer. These holes are made so it can suck in e-juice from the tank which is around the cartomizer. This lets the user vape for longer periods before having to refill.

CASAA – The non profit organization known as the Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, campaigns for the civil liberties of those who use electronic cigarettes.

Cig-A-Like – This is a PV which resembles a conventional cigarette.

Charger – When your vapor cigarette battery dies, it is time to use the charger.

Clapton Coil – Named after the guitarist Eric claptom because of its similarity to a guitar string, the clapton coil is a coil which utilizes small wire to wrap around much larger wire.

Cleaning Cycle – This is the cycle activation of the battery (normally 20-40 seconds.) utilized to clean any excess dirt or liquid off from the atomizer.

Clearomizer – Clearomizers are similar to cartomizers but they are see-through so you can see how much liquid is in it. Clearomizers are usually refillable and made of either glass or plastic. Many of the vapor cigarettes sold on this website are clearomizers as they are very popular.

Clone – A replica of a vapor cig. Normally clones are only created for the expensive models of e-cig.

Clouds – The vapor exhaled when using an electronic cigarette is commonly referred to as clouds.

Cloud Chasers – Vaper enthusiasts who aim at achieving the biggest most impressive vapor clouds.

Coil – The coil is the wire forming an electrical circuit which creates the vapor in an e-cig. Coils are made from Kanthal wire or Nichrome wire. Often coils are a replaceable part of a vapor cigarette although many e-cigs use parts which combine the coil with the atomizer or cartomizer and must be replaced as one complete unit.

Coil Jig – The coil jig is a device which helps in the making of your own coils.

Coil Winder – Another great device used to create perfectly wrapped coils.

Cone Threads – This is a type of threading which attaches the battery and the atomizer in a more secure way than conventional threading.

Custom Mod – Any type of APV or PV that has been made from various materials or parts meant for some other kind of apparatus.

Cut/Cutting – This process is for the diluting of e-liquid so as to get the desired level of nicotine.

Cut-Off – This is a safety measure built into most vapor cigarettes that will automatically cut off the power whenever you are holding down the button for too long. It is normally displayed by flashing light.

Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) – Agency that oversees the implementation of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) – Agency that makes sure safe and effective drugs are available to improve the health of people in the United States. The CDER also is in charge of regulation for e-cigarettes.

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DCT – (dual coil tank) This storage tank named Drip Cup Adapter has a replaceable cartomizer and holds 3 to 6mls of liquid.

Debridge – Eliminating the wick and bridge from an atomizer device.

Deck – This is the area of an RBA or RDA that the positive and negative points connect. It is made in such a way that keeps the e-juice separate.

Deep Lung – A slang term for describing a certain kind of vaping. The “deep lung” refers to taking one deep and long draw, inhaling deep into your lungs and not holding any vapor in your mouth.

Dewick – Eliminating an atomizers wick.

Diacetyl – Diacetyl is an e-liquid flavor which if used too much at once has been known to cause Popcorn Lung or Bronchiolitis obliterans.

Digital Cigarette – Yet another label for the vapor cigarette.

Disposable Electronic cigarettes – These are the type of vapor cigarettes that are manufactured to be used and then discarded.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) – One who makes their own e-juice is known as a DIY.

DNA – Manufactured by Evolv, a DNA is little wattage board which controls variable wattage used by vaporers.

Doubler – Used in 50/50 blends, a doubler simply means doubling the flavor.

Dragon Coil – This is a type of coil which has its wick on the outside and that allows the air to flow in the inside producing more vapor.

Dratty – The subtle but odd taste one experiences when a cartridge or tank is nearly dry.

Draw – The inhaling of a vapor into the mouth.

Drip – This is the process of filling the atomizer. You drip the liquid in..

Drip Set – This is a device made specifically to help drip e-liquid into the atomizer chamber.

Drip On-Demand (DOD) – Dripping liquid into an atomizer is made easier with a DOD. This is simply the squeezing of the e-juice bottle so it drips well.

Dripping (DD; direct leaking) – Instead of using a cartomizer, e-liquid is dripped directly into the atomizer chamber in the hope it will produce a better vapor.

Drip Shield – This is a device that collects any liquid leaked out from your pv. It returns the liquid back to the atomizer chamber.

Drip Tip – This is a small device which fits on to the mouthpiece so as to allow dripping without removing the mouthpiece.

Drip Well – A dish shaped device that catches any liquid that might leak out.

Dry Burn/Hit – The intentional activation of the atomizer and battery without any e-liquid. This is done to burn off any debris in an effort to clean the working parts of the device.

Dual-Coil Cartomizers – This is new design of cartomizer utilizing two coils instead of just one.

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ECD/ECASSOC – Two acronyms for the Electronic Cigarette Association; a U.S.A-based trade Association which strives to maintain industry standards. the ECD lobbies on behalf of its many members.

ECF – This is one of the largest electronic cigarette forums in the world and is very well known within the vaping community worldwide.

ECITA – An acronym for the UK-based Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.

ECR – Short for Electronic Cigarette Reddit

E Cigarette Devices – These are added devices such as additional batteries, chargers, neck ropes for holding your e-cig and plenty of other things.

eGo/eGo Style – The ego design is a universal design making use of the 510 thread which is compatible with many different e-cig components and batteries.

eGo Threading – Based on the Ego battery, this is the standard threading with male thread on the battery and female on the cartomizer base.

E Juice – Referred to simply as Juice, E-liquid, or Smoke Juice, this is the liquid used in an electronic cigarette. The solution is made from Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin,  flavoring and nicotine.

Ekowool – A special type of silica for making the wicks in many rebuildable type e-cig devices.

Electronic Cigar – This is just like a normal an e-cigarette, but it resembles a traditional cigar rather than a cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) – Formed in 2009 this is an industry group comprised of manufacturers and providers to maintain the legal rights to use e-cigarettes as an alternative for smoking within the U.S.A.

Electronic cigarette (e-cig) – The common name for the electronic devices designed to mimic a conventional cigarette but without the harmful side effects. The debate is still out as to exactly how safe electronic cigarettes are but one thing is certain and that is e-cigarettes are magnitudes safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – A typical electronic cigarette starter kit will have one or two batteries, one or two cartomizers, atomizers or clearomizers and some charging supplies. Normally you would purchase your e-juice separately, however here at this site there is a promotion where customers can get a 10ml bottle of e-juice for free when purchasing any starter kit. See our e-cig specials page for more information.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) – Another term for electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarette – Shortened name for electronic cigarette.

E-Cig Terminology – Refers to all the vape jargon and vaping slang terms used by the vape community. This very page lists most of it.

E-Hookah – An additional name for vapor cigarettess, initially named e-hookah to attract hookah users to try vaping instead. This is because they have many similarities.

E Liquid – One more preferred term for e-juice.

Engine – The workings of the inside of a cartomizer, or clearomizer. Normally has the heating element, air tube and the battery connection unit.

E-NIC (Electronic Nicotine Inhaler) – Yet one more name for the vapor cigarette.

E-Pipe – An atomizer created to resemble a pipe.

E Smoke – This is a shortened jargon version for the name Electronic Cigarette.

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Filler Product (Shortened as Filler) – This material fits inside a cartomizer and is absorbant. it is designed to soak up any excess fluid so that no flooding happens.

First Generation – This refers to the original first e-cigarette models which are disposable. They come with e-juice already in them, and are either discarded after using, or e-juice cartridges are replaced.

Flavor Cartridge – This is just another name for cartridges which contain both flavor and nicotine.

Flavors – This simply refers to the e-juice flavor.

Flooding – Flooding happens when the atomizer overflows with too much e-juice. When your device makes a gurgling sound or doesn’t work very well, it is very likely to be flooded.

Fluval – This is a foam material utilized in aquariums, it has been found that this material can be used functionally to replace the filler in lectronic cigarette cartridges.

Fluxomizer–  Another term for Clearomizer.

Fda (FDA) – This is a branch of the USA federal government that supervises policies and regulations for the safety of medicines and food products.

Formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and is produced when e-juice is heated to very high temperatures.

Forums – There are many online vaping forums and they keep growing. One of the largest and most popular is the Electronic Cigarette Forum or ECF.

French Hit – A slang term describing a special vaping method. Utilizing the “French Hit” the vapor is deliberately released from the mouth and is  straight away inhaled up through ones nostrils.

Fuse – Specifically designed to prevent battery failure, a specific fuse was created for mechmods.

Fused Clapton – The fused Clapton coil has at least two wires in it instead of just one that the clapton coil has.

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Genesis Atomizer – Instead of silica, this RBA uses a wick made of steel mesh and is positioned on the top of a glass tank. It has at least one opening in the deck which goes directly into the tank.

GG (Golden Greek) – This is a Greek mechmod of very high quality.

Glassomizer – Models like the Kanger Protank utilize clearomizers made from glass rather than plastic called Glassomizers.

Goose Neck – A versatile expansion for your PV. Goose necks are extensions for a standard PV. They come in various dimensions and colors.

GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) – The FDA termed this acronym to guarantee users that the item they purchased is regarded as safe.

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Head – A head is a replacement coil which you will need for a tank system. This part gets old and every now and then you should replace it. It contains a coil and some cotton used for producing vape.

Heatsink – Heatsinks were created to dissipate heat by permitting extra airflow over more surface area. They are various protusions sticking out of the apparatus.

Heat steeping – This is the procedure for increasing the time it takes to steep your e-liquid. Placing the container of e-juice in a warm water bath for a period of time will sufficiently steep your liquid faster.

Heating Element – A heating element converts electricity into heat through the process of resistive or Joule heating.

Herbal Vaporizer – This is an electronic device like an e-cigarette but instead of using e-juice it uses dry herb as its fuel.

High Resistance (HR) – If you want to use a higher voltage to your coil you will need a special cartomizer or atomizer with a higher resistance or Ohm rating.

Hit – Inhaling vapor.

Hookah Pen –  Term for disposable ecig, kind of cig-a-like.

Hot Spot – If you experience Dry Hits, it is likely caused by hot spots on the atomizer coil (areas of the coil that get particularly hot).

HV – Anything that runs over 3.7 volts is considered HV or high voltage.

HV Atty – Designed for greater voltage vaping, a specific Atomizer is used and it needs to be paired with extra powerful batteries to accommodate for the higher voltage.

HV Mod – A specifically modified device to accommodate higher powered vaping. often this will consist of dual batteries.

Hybrid, Hybrid Mod, Hybrid PV – A consolidated battery holder and topper combined together to form as one.

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ICR – Ion Cobalt Rechargeable battery from Lithium.

IMR – Ion Manganese Rechargeable battery from Lithium.

Inception Coil – A macro coil outside of a nano coil made with one cable.

Inhale – Inhaling of vapor into the lungs.

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Joules – The measurement used for the energy in a controlled temperature mod is known as joules. A joule is equal to one unit of energy produced from one amp of electric current passing through a resistance of one ohm.

Juice – Yet one more term for e-liquid or e-juice.

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Kensington – A special kind of power pack made to be utilized with the USB pass-through; a Kensington is utilized for portable yet sustained vaping.

Knuckle Head – A drip tip that can be adjusted to any sort of preferred angle.

Kick/Kicked – 1. A variation of the term throat hit 2. This is an addon device which will turn your PV into a variable power device.

Kanthal Cable – Trademark name for iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloys found in advanced high temperature mod equipment.

Kanthal, Kanthal A1 – Used in building coils for vapor cigarettes, Kanthal is the brand name of the resistance wire most often used. Kanthal A1 is known as the very best quality when it comes to Kanthal wire for e-cig coils.

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Leaking – E-juice can sometimes leak from the atomizer into the battery, which can be responsible for a power shortage or other damage.

LED – Most e-cigarettes have an LED light at the end to indicate when the battery needs charging or just when it is being used.

Liquid – Additionally referred to as e-juice, e-liquid, e-cig juice, or simply juice. It is the liquid that turns into vapor while puffing on a vapor cigarette.

Li-Po – The Li-Po or Lithium Polymer batteries are not to be confused with the Li-Ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Electric batteries (Li-Ion) – Coming in many different shapes and sizes, these batteries are considered the greatest and most effective batteries in the vapor cigarette industry.

Low Resistance (LR) – An atomizer with a lesser Ohm rating than the standard basic devices. LR devices usually cause the heating elements to become very hot very fast and produce vapor very fast also.

Lung Hit – As opposed to “mouth to lung hits”, just “lung hits” is when you inhale vapor directly into the lungs. Big airflow is required.

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mA – mA refers to 1/1000th of an amp. This number refers to the output of battery chargers.

Macro Coil – Combined with the correct set-up macro coils can create  a larger vapor than micro coils. (its opposite)

mAh – mAh refers to the Milliampere-hour, which is used to measure the capacity amount of energy a battery has before it is needed to be re-charged again.

Manual— This type of e cig battery is the type which has a button that when pressed will operate a heating element.

Manual Shut-off – This is a safety measure created in e-cig batteries to turn off the battery by pressing the button several times in concession. Some batteries have other types of switches to turn it on and off.

Mechanical Mod (Mech PV, Mech, Mech Mod) – This is a vapor cigarette that does not have any type of electronics or wiring, it’s simply a mechanical steel tube which accommodates an e-cig battery and some kind of mechanical connector to attach the top piece. These are sturdy devices which should last longer than most other types of vapor cigarette.

Memory Effect – A process in which NiCad batteries start to perform badly due to misrepresented energy levels in the battery; the memory effect leads the device to believe its batteries are dying or dead when they are actually not. This can be reduced or fixed by regularly discharging the battery fully, and proceeding to overcharge the batteries.

Mesh – Usually made from stainless steel. utilized to make wicks for transfering e-juice to the atomizers coil.

Microcomputer – The electronic chip that sends a signal to the battery to activate its energy flow to the atomizer, which in turn starts the vapor cigarette.

Microprocessor – This is the section of the battery which regulates the LED light and heater.

mg strength – (Milligram strength (mg) per millilitre-(ml) – This represents the portion of nicotine included within the e-juice. 12mg is 12mg of pure nicotine per ml = 1.2 % nicotine

Micro coil – This is the kind of wire coil where its wire is wrapping around in loops and touching itself. This type of coil needs more wraps than a normal coil.

Miligrams (mg) – This is how the measurements of nicotine in a cartridge or container are measured. Typically the standard levels included are 0mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, 18mg, 24mg, 30mg, 36mg and all the way up to 48mg.

Milliliters (mL) – This is the measurement of total liquid within a given container.

Mini – A little smaller compared to a typical vapor e-cigarette, the mini-cigarette is in fact very similar dimensions to that in a conventional average analog tobacco cigarette.

Mod – Mod stands for “modification”. This originally described the customization of a flashlight or a battery to be modified for vaping, yet is now frequently used to describe pretty much any kind of vaping tool or device that is not simply a cigarette lookalike or cigalike.

Modder: A modder is somebody who modifies vapor cig devices to their personal preference. A typical modders will normally mod a device to be a lot more powerful than a standard e-cig.

Mouth piece – The end of the vapor cigarette the user places in their mouth and sucks on. Many mouth pieces actually come as a cartridge or drip tip.

Mouth to lung hit – To achieve maximum mouth taste, the vapor is inhaled into the mouth initially and then subsequently breathed into the lungs..

MV (Multi-Voltage) – These devices have a range of voltages and wattage settings that a user can alter to their preference. Different measures produce different amounts of vapor inhalations.

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Nichrome Wire – This is the resistance wire in atomizer coils. It is made out of iron, nickel and chromium. The atomizer coil products are used in clearomizers, atomizers and cartomizers.

Nic Juice – Abbreviation of nicotine liquid. Nicotine is addictive and commonly found in tobacco.

Nickel Wire/Ni200 – This wire is made from pure nickel. Used with temperature control mods, it has extremely low resistance. you should never use normal VW with Ni200.

Nicotine (Nic) – Nicotine is the element in conventional tobacco and vapor cigarettes that creates a mild euphoria. In e-cigs you can get it in many various strengths, and it is noteworthy to be aware that e-liquids can also have no nicotine at all.

Nicotine Level – This is the amount of nicotine in a designated bottle or cartridge. The nicotine level is often measured in mg per ml.

Nicotine liquid – This is the e-juice solution with nicotine that vaporizes in a vapor cigarette. The liquid is contained in an atomizer tank or in a cartridge.

NiMH – Ni-MH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. These type of batteries have zero Cadmium in them which means there is no memory impact. This means it can be charged at any time and has no effect on the life of the battery.

Noob – A noob is a person new to vaping. Because it is required to learn quickly when starting to vape a persom remains a noob only for a short period.

No Resistance Wire – Conductive wire that never heats up utilized in RBAs for completing the circuit to the coil.

NRT – NRT is the abbreviation for for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

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Ohm (Ω) – The electrical resistance standard. The lower the number the lower the resistance and this means it heats up faster.

Organic Cotton Coils – A new coil configuration made by Kangertech. Using Japanese natural cotton and a bigger heating area, these organic cotton coils last longer than most other cotton coils.

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Parallel – Placed parallel to each other, and at the cost of voltage, batteries are wired into the mod enhancing their life.

Passthrough – Using this passthrough USB device, a user can vape continuously without losing battery life.

PCC – Typical phrase for portable (or personal) charging case. An e-cig battery can be charged and stored in a PCC without the need for other power sources.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) – This is used in e-liquid however is not commonly known about. It can be used as an alternative to VG and PG.

Pen Style – Resembling a common pen, the pen style e-cigarette is one of the original styles ever invented.

Personal Vaporizer (PV) – An additional name for a vapor cigarette, typically of the more renegade style e-cigarettes.

Polyfil – Standard materials which are used in a factory that fills cartridges.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – PG is one of the primary substances in e-liquid, the other is VG.

PGA – Pure Grain Alcohol. 151 proof highest grade vodka is the bare minimum you need for thinning of 100% VG e-liquid. You can also use PGA for the base in DIY e-liquid concoctions.

Pipe Style – Also referred to as an E-Pipe, the Pipe Style is style of vapor cigarette.

Poly-fill – Otherwise known as just filler.

Primer – Some ecig businesses use a VG based primer for the preservation of their goods. This primer is made use of in the coil and also inside of the atomizer.

Protected (batteries) – This type of battery is fitted with a computer chip which protects the battery by breaking the circuit if the voltage goes to low or too high or if the cell gets too hot.

Priming/Prime – The act of getting the wick ready to vape, typically done by soaking the wick in some e-juice. If using a drip style atomizer priming is not needed.

PTB (Pyramid Tea Bags) – This material can be used instead of the polyester fiber filling that is in typical vapor cigarette cartomizers or cartridges.

Puff – The puff is actually the action of the vaper as he or she is inhaling and exhaling on the device.

Pull – Otherwise known as a hit or a draw. To get a hit from an e-cigarette the user must pull. It is the very act of getting the hit.

PWM – Pulse-width modulation. Normally used in variable voltage mods, PWM swiftly cycles power from the battery on and off to deliver a wave form approximating the desired output voltage. The X6 Vaporizer E-Cig uses a PWM.

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Rayon – A material used instead of cotton and other sorts of wicks. It is said Rayon has a cleaner taste as opposed to cotton.

Rebuildable Atomizer – There are many designs of Rebuildable atomizers. Some have kanthal wicks, while some use fabric or mesh. Rebuildable atomizers are supposed to be easily fixed and save you money.

Replaceable Head – Some cartomizers and tanks like the Mini X9 E-Cig have a modular heating coil unit, or head, that may be replaced, saving costs if the heating element ceases to work.

RDA – The RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

Resistance – To get the desired wattage, you need to apply the right voltage, but first you first need to calculate the right resistance. This is done by measuring the ohms. The resistance is either standard or low.

Resistance Wire – Kanthal or Nichrome is what is used to make the wire used in an atomizer coil. As an electrical current is applied this wire warms up.

Ribbon Wire – Ribbon wire is a kind of resistance wire that is used for coil building. Rather than round like traditional wire, Ribbon wire has a flat cross section.

RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer

RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Storage Tank Atomizer

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

RTV – An acronym for Right To Vape

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Sealed – A term for describing a battery that doesn’t have a hole in it.

Second Generation – This refers to the type of e-cigarettes that have tanks or clearomizers that you can fill up with your own e-juice.

Sensor – The ecig battery has a sensor that senses when the vaper actually takes a puff.

Series – As a batteries voltage increases so its life get used up faster. Batteries are wired into mods in series according to  its voltage.

Silica – Silica is used for developing wicks. Because silica has such a high melting point, it can be cleansed with a butane torch.

Smart Chip – Situated in the e-cig battery itself is a computer chip that permits it to actually work.

Smoke Juice – Otherwise referred to as Fluid, E-Liquid, E-Juice, or simply Juice. This is the liquid that vaporizes when making use of a vapor cigarette.

Smokeless Cigarette – Another name for the vapor cigarette. This term came about because when using an e-cig there is actually no smoke present at all, just vapor.

Smokeymizer – This is a disposable type of cartridge and atomizer combination e-cigarette. It can be refilled a couple of times before discarding.

Squonk – A squonk box mod is type of mod which actually contains a bottle of e-liquid modified to fit using a 510 connection. The bottle can be squonked which squeezes liquid into the tank or cartomizer underneath it.

Stacking – This is the practice of stacking several batteries together to produce more power. It is actually very dangerous.

Standard Resistance – A typical resistance atomizer is 2.5 ohm. A basic resistance cartomizer is usually 3.0 ohm.

Starter Kit – Everything you need to vape with should be included in a standard starter kit. Most e-cig starter sets will come with 1 or more batteries, at least one atomizer, some kind of battery charger, and maybe even some e-lquid or if its a cartomizer type kit some pre-filled cartridges. Some also come with spare coils.

Stealth Vaping – An advanced technique utilized by vaporers wanting to conceal their clouds of vapor.

Steeping – Leaving your e liquid out in the air, or otherwise in a closed container. If the liquid has a strong proportion of PG to VG then steeping is probably not needed. It is much more often essential if your liquid has a high VG ratio.

Stick Style – This name refers to an electronic cigarette that appears similar to a traditional cigarette.

Stovetop coil – Resembling an electric stove top the stovetop coil (being large in surface area) can produce outrageous quantities of vapor.

Subbing – Coils with an ohm reading under one can create massive vapor because of higher coil temperatures.

Sub-Ohming – Experienced vapers are able to produce enormous vaping clouds by using Ohms law and increasing the current of their batteries.

Syrupy – The term syrupy is used to explain eliquids that are very sweet.

Sweet Spot – The balance of several variables needed to achieve a satisfying vape. The variables voltage, wattage, resistance, and the flashpoint of the juice are all components needed to get in balance to achieve the perfect vaping experience or “that sweet spot”.

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Tailpiping – Directly Dripping without any type of a dripper or other device.

Tank – Generally utilized with a cartomizer and also in some cases an atomizer, the tank is a unique sort of cartridge that holds a lot more liquid than a cartridge with filler can hold.

Thermal Runaway – This is a serious incident but thankfully very rare. It happens when a fire starts and causes a rechargeable lithium based battery to burst. This can occur from short circuiting, overcharging, piling batteries, some other kind of battery damage or else some other freak PV breakdown.

Third Generation – This refers to the type of e-cigarettes and vape products which are RBA (rebuildable), and are usually box mods. (modifiable)

Thread Pattern/Threading – The type of threads used for connections on e-cigarettes. Usually, these are represented by numbers and letters such as 510 and KR808D-1.

Three Piece E-Cigarette – The type of vapor cigarette which combines a battery, an atomizer and cartridge.

Throat Hit – This is the feeling the vaper gets when the vapor hits the throat. Many say it is similar to what they used to experience when smoking analog cigarettes but a lot smoother. Using PG e-juices is more likely to produce a good throat hit.

Tiger Coil – Ribbon wire is twisted on a strand of normal kanthal wire which is wrapped around the coil.

Titanium Wire – This is used as an alternative to nickel, nichrome, and kanthal wires. It gives a cleaner taste yet tends to be tougher to work with compared to kanthal.

TOB – An abbreviation which refers to the tobacco flavoring in an e-liquid.

Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) – The practices and policies of providing products that contain nicotine which are less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Toot – Also known as Draw or Pull is when one has a puff on a vapor cigarette.

Topper – The battery of a vapor cigarette has a device called a topper which fits on the top of it.

Topping off – Applying a few drips of e-liquid into the e-cig tank, cartomizer or vaping cartridge.

Triple-Coil Cartomizer – A modern sort of cartomizer using three coils which gives approximately 1.6 ohms of resistance. Compared to dual-coils, the triple coil cartomizer produces a strong vape and it is available in a variety of sizes.

Tube Mod – Approximately the size of a little flashlight, the tube mod is just a APV or PV in the shape of a tube.

Two Piece E-Cigarette – A certain type of vapor cigarette which combines one battery and one cartomizer.

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Unicorn Bottle – Perfect for transporting e-juice while traveling or out on the town as an alternative to the shorter, fatter bottles, the unicorn bottle holds 15 ml or 30ml and has an easy to use tip to make dripping a cinch.

Unsafe Battery – Any kind of lithium based battery that doesn’t actually have any type of protection is called an unprotected and unsafe battery. If this type of battery is over charged or something else happens to cause thermal runaway there is nothing to stop it from happening.

USB Charger – Connecting the battery to the computer with your USB cord will charge up your battery.

USB passthrough – Connecting the ecig to the computer using a USB passthrough you are able to vape without using the battery.

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Vaparator – An person that rates and reviews vapor cigarettes and vaping accessories.

Vapaseur – A person who vapes more frequently than the average but not quite as often as a vapaholic.

Vapatator – A term for the advanced vaper.

Vape – Vape meaning inhale and exhale of vapor from electronic cigarette. The vape definition also refers to the e-cigarette device itself.

Vapegasm – The very first taste you get from your favored e liquid especially when using a brand-new atomizer or cartomizer.

Vapehole – Somebody also vapes as obnoxiously as possible and shows little respect for any individual around them.

Vapemeister – A person who has lots of knowledge in the realm of vaping.

Vapeology – A slang term which notes the specific terminology and vocabulary of vaping.

Vaper – This is what we call somebody who uses a vapor cigarette. And vapers are a group who vape.

Vape Butter – The gooey residue which builds up in an atomizer; it is caused by continually over-filling your cartridges or mixing of your own e-liquid improperly.

Vape Kit – Another term for an e-cigarette starter kit.

Vape Tricks – Refers to tricks made with the vapor produced with high powered vaping devices.

Vaper’s Tongue – When a person vapes way too much of any one particular flavor, it is likely their taste buds will become desensitized to the taste.

Vape Safe (Fuse) – The Vape Safe Fuse can be used with some mods and Pvs. It adds a new level of safety and is generally used alongside a high quality battery.

Vape Whore – (1) This is a person who constantly vapes all day long. (2) A person who hangs around a vaping forum or community of some kind but adds very little value. They are only there to collect free stuff or dish out spam.

Vapor – Vapor is the resulting mist which comes from the atomized e-liquid. It is similar in appearance to smoke but is much more like steam. In fact a great way to describe it would be to compare it to dry ice as the ingredients in e-liquid vapor and dry ice or disco vapor are very similar.

Vapor Cigarettes – Yet another name describing electronic cigarettes.

Vaporizer – The vaporizer is yet another term for the e-cig, electronic cigarette, or PV. Although strictly speaking it is any device which can produce vapor, ie; herb vaporizer.

Vapor Production – This refers to the amount of vapor produced from an average inhale of a vapor cigarette.

Vaping (vape) -Much like the term “smoking” when using analog cigarettes, “Vaping” is what you do when you are using electronic cigarettes.

Vaping Device – Yet another term used to describe vapor cigarettes, e-cigs, e-pipes etc.

Vapoholic – A term denoting a person who vapes incessantly, even to the point of compulsion.

Vapolicious – A slang term that refers to an e-liquid which is particularly nice tasting.

Vapophile/Vapophillic – An person who vapes to the point of obsession.

Vapophobe/Vapophobic – An person who is fearful or who is adverse to vaping, vapor cigarettes, and the industry and  especially the culture surrounding it.

Variable Voltage (VV) – Refers to a device with controls that allow you to change the amount of voltage running to the coil.

Variable Wattage (VW) – An e-cig model which changes the voltage output automatically set by the resistance of the cartomizer that is controlled by power output settings. In theory this gives a consistent vaping experience regardless of resistance.

Vented Battery Cap – In case your battery enters into possible thermal runaway there is normally collection of holes which permit the battery to let out dangerous gases which will avert the possibility of your battery entering that danger zone.

Vent holes – In the extremely rare occasion that your battery explodes there are specially designed vent holes which allow the battery to explode in a way which diverts away from the body and face..

Venting a Battery – This is when the battery is let to expel dangerous gases built up over time. The battery needs to be taken past its specifications.

Vertical coil – Sometimes in rebuildables the coils can be rotated to they become vertical. This can allow for better airflow and ultimately a better vape.

(Vegetable Glycerine) VG – Thicker than PG (propylene glycol), VG is sweeter tasting with a lower toxicity. VG is commonly used with PG as the two main ingredients in e-juice.

Voltage – Wattage is created when kinetic energy is coupled with resistance. The levels of kinetic energy is the voltage.

VOOP – When one is excreting and vaping at the same time, it is called a voop.

VV (Variable Voltage) – Generally recognized as superior to routine PVs that have a static voltage outcome and can not be altered, a Mod, APV or PV, that allows control over the voltage of the device is known as VV.

VV Mod –  A VV Mod is a changeable voltage mod which normally has a detachable battery and enhanced supply. Changing the voltage can result in finding the sweet spot.

VRMS – This is a way of determining waveforms that are generated in variable wattage or voltage vapor cigarettes that have pulse-width modulation. VRMS is quite a new method in e cigarettes and can provide better accuracy in power regulation, especially when it comes to lower voltages.

VW (Variable Power level) – Any type of APV, PV, or Mod that enables control over the electrical power output (or wattage) of the device over the coil. This is different than the VV Mod as you are able to alter the wattage rather than the voltage.

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Wadding – Another term which describes the filler material that is inside an e-cig cartridge holding the juice.

Watt (power level) – Vaporizing your e-liquid requires the atomizer coil to use raw heat. The quantity of raw heat used is the wattage.

World Health Organization (WHO) – is the distinguished UN agency primarily concerned with international public health.

Wick – In vapor cigarettes, wicks are made use of to deliver e-juice to the coil. They are usually made out of silica. But, they can also be made from fiberglass, cotton, rolled up steel net, and even ceramic products.

Wicking – During the osmosis period when the e-liquid relocates itself to balance itself out amongst the wick it is called wicking.

Wire – When building coils for atomizers, wire is a common ingredient. Wire normally is a reference to resistance wire.

Wood Mod (Woody ) – A handmade APV or PV which is also matched inside a wooden box or tube is called a woody.

Wrap – A wrap is a process of “wrapping”  wire around an object. In e-cigarettes a wrap is one circuit of wire around the coil.

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Zero Nic – A term designated to e-liquid that has absolutely zero amounts of nicotine added.

Zipper Kit – Term used to describe an e-cig starter kit that comes in a case that has a zipper to open and close the case.


So have learned your vape lingo yet? I hope you have enjoyed this vape terminology page, and don’t forget to refer to it any time you get bamboozled by any strange vape terms or weird vape jargon. It’s all right here. Fascinating isn’t it?

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