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Vape Tricks – Huge Clouds of Smoking Vapor

If you like to vape you are going to love these huge cloud vapor smoke tricks. These videos demonstrate vaping tricks and the fun you can have with a cloud vaporizer and electronic cigarettes. A collection of cool vape tricks, huge clouds and funny e-cig skits and advertisements. They are here purely for your entertainment, so enjoy!


Clouds of Vapor


Kickin Thunder Clouds


Funny Vaping Dudes


Cool Vaping Tricks


How to French Inhale and Other Vape Tricks


All About That Vape – Fun Song


Best Smoke Rings and Tricks


How To Do Vape Tricks


Entertaining Vape Tricks


Best Smoke Rings and Tricks


The Best Ecig in the World – Hilarious


Awesome Funny E-cig Advert


Real Cigs Verses E-Cigs


Ecigs Smoke Tricks Compilation


Ecigarette Glass Full of Vapor


Some Facts About Electronic Cigarettes That You Might Not Know


The Biggest Advantage of E-Cigarettes


Vaping At 400 Watts – So Funny


E Cig – Movie Contest Submission

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