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Vaping to Quit Smoking – How to Stop Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Learn how vaping to quit smoking is fast becoming the most effect method to stop smoking that there is. Keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

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Have you ever wondered what exactly e-juice is made of? In this article I explain each of the four e-juice ingredients that all e-liquids are made of. keep reading to learn what they are.

What is E-Juice?

E-Juice or e-liquid as it is also known as are both names for the liquid substance which is used in electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. Pressing the ignite button on the e-cigarette causes the e-liquid to transform into a vapor which is then inhaled and exhaled, mimicking the process of smoking an analog cigarette.


E-Juice Ingredients?

E-liquid is made from four different e-juice ingredients;

Propylene Glycol (PG); This ingredient is commonly used in food products to carry flavor. It is a common ingredient in food colouring and it is also used in countless medicines. Propylene Glycol is completely safe non toxic to humans.

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG); This is a vegetable based liquid naturally sweet with quite a thick consistency. Vegetable glycerin, or glycerol as it’s also known as, is an odorless, clear fluid produced from the oil of plants, typically coconut oil, soy oil, or palm oil. It is commonly used in countless foods for moisture and sweetness. It’s also used in toothpaste, shampoo and many skin lotions. VG is completely safe and non-toxic. VG is often combined with PG (in various percentages) for use as an e-liquid so as to create the perfect consistency for vaping.
  • Flavouring; The flavors in e-juice vary considerably from vendor to vendor. Generally speaking they are the part of the liquid which gives it its taste. These flavors can be anything from fruity apple, caramel chocolate, to various tobacco flavors like the complimentary e-juice offered on this website.. There are literary thousands of different flavors, the list is endless as new mixtures are experimented with all the time. What these flavors are made of can also vary and some are more natural than others. It is wise to seek out the e-juices that have natural and organic based flavorings. Many vendors boast that their e-juices are indeed made only from FDA approved, safe, natural and organic ingredients. Flavors used in e-juices are typically the same food based flavorings commonly found in a supermarket or added into numerous food products. These flavorings are generally safe and non-toxic, although it pays to read the labels or check the ingredients so you can be sure, (try to find flavorings that have been made with natural or organic ingredients).
  • Nicotine; Last but not least is the nicotine. Nicotine is an optional part to any e-juice. In its pure form nicotine is a toxic and potentially hazardous substance. It is also highly addictive and is common knowledge to be the reason why people are hooked to smoking. Although nicotine is not one hundred percent safe even in its diluted version, it is not the part of the analog cigarette which does the damage. Thousands of other chemicals found in the conventional cigarette as well as tar are the factors responsible for the ugly diseases like cancer or emphysema. Nicotine used in e-juices for electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices are always highly diluted and in fact straight nicotine is almost impossible to find in its pure state. The nicotine part in any e-liquid mixture is already a diluted concoction of PG and nicotine, VG and nicotine or PG, VG and nicotine. The finished e-juice mixture will commonly be classed as either a low, medium or high level of nicotine strength. This equates to approximately 12mg, 18mg or 24mg strength. At this level nicotine is considered to be no more harmful than coffee.

Understanding Nicotine in E-juice

Most people struggle with the measurements of all ingredients in e-juices, especially the nicotine part of it. Basically when you buy e-juice that is labeled 8ml nicotine or 12ml or 18ml, or 20 ml, or any amount, whether they say ml or mg… it doesn’t actually represent a true description. Misleading isn’t it? You see… nicotine in its pure form is a seriously potent substance and can make you very sick simply by touching it. If you actually consumed a little bit, it might even kill you. That is why it is always diluted. Even suppliers usually buy their nicotine in an already diluted form. So the true amounts of pure nicotine in bottles labeled or claimed as low (normally 6mg or ml to 10mg or ml), medium (normally 12ml or mg to 16ml or mg) and high strength (normally 18mg or ml to 24mg or ml or higher), are actually as follows: (low strength: .6ml to 1ml, medium strength: 1.2ml to 1.6ml, high strength: 1.8ml to 2.4ml or higher). So the true amount of nicotine in e-juice is actually very very small. Now, you understand right?….. Okay great.

Nicotine E-Juice from Vapor Cigarettes NZ

Also on a side note, selling nicotine e-juice within NZ is still very much a grey area in terms of law, however I have done a considerable amount of research on this… and it turns out that although it isn’t actually “legal” to sell it here in NZ, it is also not “illegal”. Don’t believe me? Ask your lawyer, but be prepared to pay him a small fortune as he or she will need to do quite a lot of researching… So, because e-cigarettes are all about giving up smoking using the NTS method (nicotine delivery system), it is ridiculous to allow the sale of e-cigarettes but not the nicotine. Because of this “impossible to argue with” philosophy, I have chosen to supply it to you. Yes you, my fellow kiwi’s who need to quit smoking but have found the patches, gum and lozenges to be just yuck! By the way, using e-cigarettes to quit smoking is by far the easiest way to do it.

But don’t expect too much, I don’t have a large selection to choose from and I only ever make one batch at a time. It is always just one flavor (usually a generic tobacco flavor). I split the batch in half and add nicotine to one half. So it’s all the same stuff, just that half the batch has nicotine in it. The amount of nicotine I add is always high strength, as that is what most people are used to from their smoking habits. And as I have already explained, that amount is between 1.8ml and 2.4ml. I usually aim for about 2ml. Again, 2ml is usually understood as 20mg/ml nicotine, right? Buy nicotine and zero nicotine e-juice direct from me here.

Of course if you only wanted medium strength or low strength nicotine, then you should buy two bottles from me, one with nicotine and one without. This way you can mix the two together and create your own personal nicotine strengths. So to get a lower strength nicotine ratio… you could add half the liquid from the nicotine bottle and half the liquid from the zero nicotine bottle, together into a new empty bottle, and you will now have a bottle of low-medium strength nicotine known as 10mg/ml nicotine or in reality 1ml nicotine, right? This is a great way to wean yourself off the nicotine all together which is actually what a lot of my customers do. After all you are trying to quit smoking right?, You may as well try and quit the nicotine habit as well. That is what a true angel would do.

Okay you understand this highly confusing nicotine thing now, don’t you? Coolness!!!!!! What… still confused? Please contact me here if you still need any help, but be warned I don’t know any more than I’ve already explained. However, I am happy to talk if you need anything explained further.

Also in case you didn’t already know, there is NO discrepancy in the fact that YOU as the customer are 100% legally allowed to purchase nicotine based e-juice for your personal consumption. The discrepancy is only within the selling of the stuff. Okay? Great I’m glad that’s sorted…..


Another noteworthy aspect to e-juice is the method in which it is made. Meticulous measuring and careful manipulation is required for high quality product. Also, experience and knowledge play a big part in understanding which ingredients mix well together, and how much. After the product has been carefully prepared, the curing can begin. Many flavors will take several weeks to fully mature, and curing an e-juice is a big part of the manufacturing process. A full flavored and smooth final product will have been mixed thoroughly and left in a dark, cool place to cure for several weeks. A full bodied and rich tasting e-liquid takes this time for all the ingredients to amalgamate properly and to allow for the essence and flavors to reach their optimum state.


E-liquid or e-juice is indeed a very subjective product and varies considerably from different sources and suppliers. For instance, e-juice can be either extremely strong nicotine based tobacco flavored or a very mild mint flavored fluid with zero nicotine. As the majority of the substance is either PG, VG or a mixture of the two, it is just the flavorings that you need to keep an eye on. The flavorings could be entirely created from organic natural materials (which is what you want, and luckily most of them are – we only use natural organic ingredients in the e-juices we make), or made from dubious chemically produced additives. Follow this link to see some good, safe, FDA approved e-juice vendors that we recommend for purchasing your nicotine-based e-juices.

It is this variation that has inspired many vaping enthusiasts to choose the DIY route and make their own e-juices. In fact, learning how to make e-juice has become such a common phenomena that an entire cottage industry has sprouted into existence. The vaping community is a fast growing movement as thousands of ex-smokers switch to electronic cigarettes and more and more choose to use their very own e-juice ingredients to create their own unique vape juice concoctions.


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Vape Magic – Part 1

“Ouch!” said Cali.

The dentist shook his head and did his best to hold her still.

“Now Cali,” said the dentist. “You have to sit still. I know it hurts but if we start the procedure without the injections it will hurt much more.”

The dentist pulled the needle away from her mouth and Cali caught another glimpse of the massive syringe in his hand. The thing was so big he needed to hold it with both hands. She hated every minute of being in the dentist’s office, and all because of an infected tooth. Her upper anterior incisor had been bothering her for weeks and she ignored it until it became unbearable. When she went in to get it fixed, the dentist explained to her that her chain-smoking had caused an infection in her gum which effectively killed the nerves in her tooth and a root canal was her only chance of relief. What he conveniently forgot to mention was that it would involve a series of injections and pressing the pus out of her gum. By the time she left that office her top lip was so swollen it felt like she was hiding gummy-bears underneath.

The threat of cancer was never enough to keep her from smoking but that root canal was the most painful thing she’d ever experienced. No way she would ever go back to smoking but even her dentist didn’t believe her so he suggested that she pick up vaping instead. With none of the harmful chemicals that cigarettes have, vaping would be the perfect alternative for Cali to keep her nicotine addiction without further messing her teeth up so he suggested a shop nearby that specialized in vaping.

Cali didn’t think that she’d need to switch to vaping but as soon as she left the doctor’s office she felt that familiar craving for nicotine start to itch the back of her throat. Across the road from the dentist’s office was an off-license shop and she nearly went in for a pack of smokes but then she ran her tongue on the inside of her teeth, felt the holes that the dentist had drilled into them and shuddered. The vape store definitely sounded like a better idea.

According to her dentist’s directions, it was right around the corner. She walked over there, willing the pain killers that the dentist gave her to kick in faster and save her from the agony. When she walked in she saw a wide variety of smoking equipment from pipes to connoisseur rolling papers and a few exotic brands of cigarettes. The cute guy at the counter saw the confused look on her face and waved her over.

“Hey there,” he said. “Don’t look so confused. Come on over and I’ll help you out.”

The way that he smiled at her made her feel giddy, but that might have just been the drugs finally checking in. She just wished that her face didn’t look like she’d stuck it in a hive full of bees. If he noticed, he was too much of a gentleman to mention it.

“Hey,” she said. “Um, so I’m trying to quit smoking and my dentist suggested that I come over here and find a decent alternative.”

The guy at the counter chuckled.

“Yeah, we get a lot of referrals from dentists. Smoking does all kinds of damage to your teeth and nicotine patches are an okay alternative but they’re pretty boring and do nothing to help you with the oral fixation. Have you ever used a vaporizer before?”

Cali shook her head and the guy at the counter smiled even harder.

“Then I have the pleasure of showing you the ropes,” he said and took out a see-through pipe about the length of his hand. “I’m Bruce by the way, and this us my little baby that I call Jenny.”

“Hi Jenny,” Cali tried to say but her swollen lip made the words came out like she was speaking underwater.

Like a true gentleman, Bruce ignored her swollen lip and started to show her how the vaporizer works. He pulled the pieces apart and showed her all the constituent parts as well as how to put them together again.

“…and the best part is, it’s just water-vapor so you don’t have to worry about any of the nasty stuff associated with tobacco.” He pressed the button on the outside and took a long drag then exhaled slowly towards the roof. Cali noticed that the vapor he blew out was brilliant white like the exhaust coming out of an steam engine, with none of the blue tinge that cigarette smoke usually has. Bruce took in another puff and this time he let it out in rings (he obviously knew his vape tricks).

“That’s so cool,” said Cali. “Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Sure,” he said and passed her the vape stick. “All you have to do is pull your tongue back like this,” he opened his mouth and showed her how to position his tongue. “Then flick it forward.”

Cali took a pull on the stick and the first thing that she noticed was that the vapor was a lot lighter than cigarette smoke and tasted way better too. She needed a few more puffs before she got it right and the rings came out fully-formed.

“You’re a natural,” said Bruce. “You can keep that stick. I’ve got another and you can even have an extra refill. If you like it as much as much as I’m sure that you will, you can bring it back and we’ll give a great deal on a brand new one in your favorite color.”

Cali thanked Bruce and reluctantly left the shop. She wanted to spend the rest of the day with him but he gave her a reason to come back so she took it and ran. Her follow-up appointment with the dentist was three days later. When she went in she told him that she hadn’t had a single cigarette since their last appointment and he was proud of her. She intended to go back to the vape store for her own vaporizer right after the dentist appointment and get her own vape stick. The dentist nodded, pulled out that massive syringe again and told her that it the jab wouldn’t hurt as much this time since the infection had gone down.

He lied.