Vapor Cigarettes NZ Affiliate Program – Members Area

Our affiliate program is run my If you would like to be an affiliate for Vapor Cigarettes NZ Ltd. you may apply here: JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAM

Affiliates earn a 13.5% commission on every sale made.

Lucrative NZ Based E-Cigarette Affiliate Program

All the info for my e-cigarette affiliate program can be found at the actual clixgalore website, after you have joined. The best way for affiliates to make high commissions is to direct traffic through your own links. and to attract potential customers and get traffic you need to use high volume keywords. It is also a good idea to use “NZ” on the end of your keywords, for example; e-cigarettes for sale nz. This way you get the right target, you don’t want US or international traffic as it is Kiwis who we want. It is also, easier to rank for keywords with NZ on the end. A fantastic way to get traffic through your links is to offer an extra bonus for anybody who gets to this website through “your links’. This means you need a place to add your links and that usually means you need your own website.

Special Rules for Potential Affiliates

I will not tolerate any ‘spam” or “low quality” promotional tactics. If you spam anybody using bulk email bombing or anything alse equally as abhorrent, I will ban you immediately. This also includes spammy websites. If you promote my products on low quality websites that Google hates, you can bet your pretty booty I will hate it as well. And I know my stuff, so if I catch anybody using spammy tactics or low quality sites to promote anything to do with Vapor Cigarettes NZ, I will delete your membership and throw you out of the program. so if you are thinking along these lines, think again.

The best way to promote website and products is to use high quality articles on real websites. If you don not have a good website yourself you can always make a page at a reputable free web2 site such as Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress. Another very acceptable method and encouraged, to promote our e-cigarette and vaping affiliate program is to use social media. You could create a page at Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus, or even use their advertising programs. Another great method is to create review pages, and review some of the vapor cigarettes nz products you are targeting.

Anybody who shows a flair for traffic generation and actually uses something that works will be rewarded generously, above and beyond the standard terms. If you perform well, I will be in touch.

Good luck!

Banner Ads

Affiliates may use the following banner advertisements to promote Vapor Cigarettes NZ Ltd.