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About Page – All About Vapor Cigarettes NZ Ltd.


Vapor Cigarettes NZ is a small online business catering to people in New Zealand. The company was started in 2015 by myself back in 2015. My name is Craig Coughey, and I formed the company after I used an e-cigarette to quit my own smoking habit. I was so impressed with the small electronic device that had made it so easy to stop smoking, I wanted everybody to know about it. Electronic cigarettes work. It’s as simple as that. All the other methods to try and quit smoking are nothing compared to e-cigs. It just makes the whole process of quitting easy.

Vapor Cigarettes NZ is exclusively an online web-based business selling e-cigarettes, e-juice and vape products from its website I have a wide range of products with a special focus on e-cigarette starter kits or vape kits. I also have a great selection of accessories, batteries and bits and pieces. These can found on the accessories page. And last, but certainly not least I have a rapidly growing e-juice section. I make my own e-juice lots and am expanding this side of the business quite quickly, especially in the light of the new laws concerning nicotine e-juice to be introduced to NZ soon. My e-juice is made from local organic ingredients and is some of the best in the country. I don’t have a lot of selection, but what I do have is of the highest quality. You can order it from the e-juice page.

Not having a physical shop helps to keep overheads down, and this enables the company to be very competitive when it comes to prices. You would be hard pushed to find any where else in New Zealand that has lower prices. I have a wide range of makes and models from beginner models right up to experts top of the line. There is something for everybody, with a great beginners selection.

I use NZ Post for shipping, and anybody from anywhere in New Zealand can easily order products from this website. I most cases, your order will be delivered to your home in just a few days. International orders are also accepted, however I must stipulate that if you’re outside of NZ, you must contact me first before making an order. That is because extra shipping costs and customers details need to be processed. (because of the requirements set around lithium batteries.) See the shipping page.

I live in Drury, just outside of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand, so if you are local you might be able to pick up your orders yourself. Just get in contact with me first.